Sunday, February 10, 2019

Chief Reports Reduction of Crime in Rush Township in 2018

Rush Township Police Chief Kenneth Zipovsky is happy to report that there has been a reduction of major crimes committed in Rush Township in the year 2018. 

According to the Chief Zipovsky, Part 1 Offenses (serious crimes such as arson, aggravated assault, and burglary) have decreased an overall average of 35% when compared to the 2017 crime statistics.

Part 2 offenses (a category which covers all non-major offenses) also saw an overall decrease in the 2018 numbers.

The Chief said "It should be noted that one important area where there was a marked increase over the prior year were drug violations."

"The increase in these arrests are a direct result of the professional, proactive police officers of the Rush Township Police Department and the partnership that they have fostered with the members of the community. All but three of these drug offenses were committed by non-residents of the Township. Most of the arrests occurred in situations where officers were conducting traffic stops for violations of the vehicle code or investigating suspicious people/vehicles." added Chief Zipovsky.

In closing, the Chief said "In 2019, the talented and dedicated men and women of the Rush Township Police Department will continue to provide professional police service and are committed to making a safer community."

Zipovsky was hired in Rush Township as Police Chief in June of 2018 after Joseph Lipsett, the township's previous Police Chief passed away unexpectedly on May 26th, 2018.

Submitted Photo from Rush Township Policie

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