Friday, April 19, 2019

Yuengling Announces Headliner for Summer Concert; Seals Time Capsule

As part of the first "America's Oldest Brewery Day", Yuengling sealed a time capsule and announced the headliner for their summer concert celebration.

In 2019, Yuengling is celebrating their 190th Anniversary have many special events throughout the year to commemorate.

On Thursday, Yuengling celebrated their 1st Annual "America's Oldest Brewery" Day.  To celebrate, Yuengling created a time capsule for the family and the community to place items and commemorative notes to those in future generations to read.

"We will celebrate this day every year on April 18th, and what we are doing is celebrating the generations that came before us", said Jennifer Yuengling.

"We remain inspired by our past and disciplined in our values and traditions" said Wendy Yuengling.

"We want to make sure we set up the future generations for success and encourage them to continue the family business for another 190 years" said Debbie Yuengling.

Jennifer, Wendy, Debbie, Cheryl, and Dick Yuengling were all in attendance for the event on Thursday as the final notes were added and Dick locked the capsule.

As part of Thursday's event, Yuengling also unveiled the headliner for the Summer Concert Celebration held on July 13, 2019 in Pottsville.

Up until Thursday, Yuengling has been quiet on who the headline act would be.

That headliner would later be unveiled to be "Better Than Ezra".

"All my sisters grew up in the 90's and this is a band we could celebrate with" said  Jennifer Yuengling.

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