Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Vehicle Reported Stolen in Pottsville

The Pottsville Police are investigating an incident where a vehicle was reported stolen early Saturday.

According to Pottsville Police, on Saturday, May 1 2021 at approximately 1:15pm,  Ptlm Grant Yoder received a report of a stolen vehicle. 

The owner reported he had parked his green 1996 Toyota Rav 4 in the 400 block of E. Railroad Street the previous day with the key in the glove compartment and was now aware that the vehicle was gone. 

The police investigation showed that at 2:30am,  on May 1, an unknown adult male walked East on Railroad Street to the area of the Toyota and then entered into the unlocked vehicle and drove it east away from the location. 

UPDATE:  The vehicle was found on Tuesday afternoon.  We hope to have more information soon.

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