Sunday, September 5, 2021

North Schuylkill Wins Over Blue Mountain in Close One

North Schuylkill was victorious in their first home game of the season when they hosted Blue Mountain on Friday night.

An added storyline to this matchup was Blue Mountain's new head coach Tom Gallagher is a 2014 graduate of North Schuylkill and played for the Spartans.

North Schuylkill didn't hold back on the first drive and scored their first points with a run into the endzone from Josh Chowansky and an extra point by Gavin Mentzer.

The Spartans would score again once more before the half with a quarterback run by Jake Hall putting them up 14-0 at halftime.

Hall would end up leaving and spending the remainder of the game on the sidelines with an injury.  North Schuylkill's Trevor Minalda would fill in as QB.

Blue Mountain would score on their opening drive after getting the ball at the start of the half with a 9 yard pass from quarterback Will Jacobson to Derek Walasavage followed by an extra point by Kreese Stablein.

North Schuylkill's Chowansky would tack on one more score with a 35 yard put the Spartans up 21-7.

The Spartans would also score once more but the Eagles' Special Teams would block a field goal by Mentzer after the Spartans drive would end near the endzone.

The final score of the game would come from the Eagles when QB Jacobson would push in for a 1 yard run.

Final score 21-14 North Schuylkill.

North Schuylkill will stay at home next week as they host the Jim Thorpe Olympians.

Blue Mountain will also play at home next week when they host Bangor.

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