Friday, April 29, 2022

Dozens of Animals Seized from Two Properties near Ringtown

Dozens of animals were seized by officials from a property near Ringtown on Thursday.

On Thursday, humane officers, animal rescue, DEP, and law enforcement seized 74 animals from two properties on Trout Run Road in Union Township.  According to the Parcel locator, both properties are owned by a Karen Williams.

The seizure was a response to complaints received by the township from neighbors back in February.  Since the complaints were filed, humane officers visited the property several times warning the owner to remove the animals as well as clean up.

After failing to do so, that lead to Thursday's events.

According to Humane Officer Dana Mansell the animals were removed due to unsafe conditions as well as hoarding of the animals.  The number of animals and amount of garbage on the property was also attracting rodents.

Mansell said over 20 dogs were seized along with cats, rabbits, a tortoise, goat, duck, goose, pot belly pigs, and chickens.  She said the animals were in fairly good health but they needed baths, nails cut, and some medical attention.  None of the animals were found to be emaciated.

The birds on the property were placed under quarantine while they were being tested for avian flu.

Mansell thanked everyone who helped including Ringtown Police Chief Phil Beaver, Fire Chief Joseph Gilbert, DEP, Hillside SPCA, as well as humane officers from Luzerne County.

"With the number of animals, it took months of planning to be organized" Mansell said.

All the animals were transported to licensed rescues while the investigation continues.  No charges were filed but are expected once the investigation is complete.

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