Thursday, May 5, 2022

SCAM ALERT: Pottsville Police Warn Local Businesses About New Phone Scam

Businesses are being warned by law enforcement about a new phone scam.

The Pottsville Bureau of Police says they have been contacted by two local business owners within the last five days each of whom detailed phone scams previously carried out on young employees at the separate business locations. 

In each case, the fraudulent caller represented himself as either a “corporate officer" or law enforcement and directed the employees to remove money from the business safes and purchase debit cards due to what he described as “counterfeit money” cases. 

The caller told the employees their respective business owner was aware of the situation and that they were pre-authorized to cooperate with his instructions. 

The employees both eventually carried out the instructions and supplied the scammer with the pin numbers for the loaded debit cards.

Business owners should talk to their employees about this scam and if anyone has received similar calls, contact law enforcement immediately.