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Big Diamond Speedway Results - June 3rd, 2022

Big Diamond Speedway results from Friday, June 3rd, 2022

After a month-long hiatus due to the weather. The Insigner Performance Modifieds made their return to Big Diamond Speedway as part of the PA Tr-Track Spec 358 series. This was race number two on the series and after the checkered flag flew it was Brett “The Threat” Kressley standing in victory lane winning for the first time this season at Big Diamond. Brandon Edgar held off a stubborn Danny Buccafusca for the win in the USS Achey Crate 602 Sportsman while Mike Reichert was victorious in the Red White and Blue Roadrunners. The Central PA Roadrunner win was taken by Travis McClelland.

Mike Lisowski and Timmy Buckwalter led the 24-car starting field to the green flag in the 30-lap modified feature with Lisowski getting the upper hand on Buckwalter to lead lap one. Third place starting Kressley wasted little time throwing himself into the mix as he vaulted by Buckwalter and into second. Cautions on laps two and three slowed the pace of the race but as we returned to racing it was still Lisowski leading the way with Kressley applying pressure as the two raced for the lead. A lap 15 caution proved to be what Kressley needed as he was able to wrestle the lead away from Lisowski on the restart to take over the top spot.

One lap later and the yellow was out again but, on the restart, Kressley was able to maintain his lead. The last half of the race was run caution free, and Kressley was able to open up a safe lead with Lisowski now having to deal with Buckwalter who was all over him for second. While those two battled it was Kressley who streaked under starter Jeff Merkel’s checkered flag to take his sixth career small block modified win at Big Diamond. Lisowski was able to hold back the advances of Buckwalter to finish second with Buckwalter in third. A strong run for invader Jack Butler who finished fourth with Eddie Strada completing the top five. The win for Kressley was worth $3,500.

“Hat’s off to Mike (Lisowski), he is a hell of a racer, and he has his program turned around this year and is running well,” said a happy Kressley in victory lane after his big win. “I was able to get a good run on him on that restart and that was best thing that could’ve happened there. Then I realized that the middle groove was good once I got around him and then I was able to ride it to the top the last couple of laps. Hats off to my crew, the car was really good tonight. Thank you to Ron Seltman for getting me dialed in. Thank you to Big Diamond to putting up this money and to the fans in the stands that make it go around.”

The 20-lap USS Achey Crate 602 Sportsman feature saw Brendan Edgar be the first driver to rack up multiple wins in 2022. Brandon Oleski would take the lead at the drop of the green from his pole starting spot with Kevin Olenick coming from fourth to second. Lap five proved to be disastrous for the leader Oleski as he breaks in front of the field and stops. Second place Olenick has nowhere to go and runs into the leader and stops. Danny Buccafusca was the benefactor and was now the leader. Ninth-place starter Edgar had moved up through field and was now in the second spot and using the top to pressure Buccafusca for the lead. Edgar was finally able to work the high side to take the lead, but Buccafusca would not go away and stayed right with Edgar but didn’t have the extra speed he needed to take back the lead. Edgar takes the win over Buccafusca with Craig Whitmoyer, Matt Yoder and Steve Lyle the top five.

In the Red White and Blue Autos Roadrunner feature race it was Mike Reichert taking the win. Reichert took the lead early with the No. 77 of Alex Schoffstall all over him for the lead. Reichert worked the top side of the track with Schoffstall trying the bottom side. During the mid-race portion, Schoffstall hits the wall and breaks leaving Reichert with the lead. Jim Kost puts on a late race charge for the win, but Reichert holds him off for the win.

In a caution filled race, it was Travis McClelland holding off a late race charge from Robert Stough for the win. Seth Kearchner, Tanner Jones and Scott Houdeshell completed the top five.

Full results from June 3rd, 2022

Insigner Performance Modifieds (PA Tri-Track Spec 358 Series Race #2) 1. Brett Kressley 2. Mike Lisowski 3. Timmy Buckwalter 4. Jack Buter 5. Eddie Strada 6. Duane Howard 7. Louden Reimert 8. Doug Manmiller 9. Nick Rochinski 10. Eric Kormann 11. Ken Eckert Jr 12. Joel Smith 13. Scott Albert 14. Ryan Krachun 15. Shawn Fitzpatrick 16. Jeff Strunk 17. Craig Von Dohren 18. Billy Pauch Jr 19. JR Fulper 20. Wayne Witmer 21. Corey Renninger 22. Dan Hineline 23. Rick Laubach 24. Kevin Beach Jr

DNQ: Ryan Beltz, Heath Metzger, Ryan Watt, Cliff Quinn, Kenny Hildebrant & Justin Grim

Modified Heat Winners: Brett Kressley, Billy Pauch Jr & Timmy Buckwalter

Modified Consi Winner: Dan Hineline

Modified Penske Shocks Gift Certificate Winners: Brett Kressley ($100), Mike Lisowski ($75) & Timmy Buckwalter ($50)

Big Diamond Dog Pound Lucky 13 Bonus ($300) – Scott Albert

Modified Top Ten in Points: 1. Louden Reimert 378 2. Jeff Strunk 372 3. Duane Howard 362 4. Eddie Strada 360 5. Brett Kressley 319 6. Nick Rochinski 316 7. Craig Von Dohren 275 8. Mike Lisowski 224 9. Kevin Beach Jr 220 10. Ryan Watt 210

Savage 61 Crate 602 Sportsman: 1. Brandon Edgar 2. Danny Buccafusca 3. Craig Whitmoyer 4. Matt Yoder 5. Steve Lyle 6. James Costlow 7. Mike Schneck Jr 8. Ryan Kunkle 9. Tajae Adams 10. Daryle Dissinger 11. Kevin Olenick 12. Kevin Brady 13. Kyle Kania 14. John McGeoy 15. Kevin Kaplafka 16. Xavier Sprague 17. Ed Mrochko 18. Bobby Kupp 19. Brandon Oleski 20. Logan Watt 21. Talan Carter 22. Dave Shirk 23. Marty Shappell 24. Brandon Firestone

DNQ: Kaitlyn Bailey, Shon Elk, Mia Guy, Chad Putalavage, Tim Vidal & Tyler Peet

Crate Sportsman 602 Heat Winners: Dave Shirk, Brandon Fireston & Brandon Oleski

Crate Sportsman 602 Consi Winner: Talan Carter

Crate 602 Penske Shocks Gift Certificate Winners: Brandon Edgar ($100), Danny Buccafusca ($75) & Craig Whitmoyer ($50)

Big Diamond Dog Pound Lucky 13 Bonus ($200) – Kyle Kania

Crate Sportsman Points: 1. Brandon Edgar 598 2. Matt Yoder 551 3. Danny Buccafusca 526 4. Steve Lyle 450 5. James Costlow 441 6. Kyle Kania 409 7. Kevin Olenick 396 8. Logan Watt 386 9. Craig Whitmoyer 370 10. Daryl Dissinger 368

Red White and Blue Autos Roadrunners: 1. Mike Reichert 2. Jim Kost 3. Chuck Fayash 4. Jarrod Bassininsky 5. TJ Fitzpatrick 6. Glenn Rowan 7. CJ Ferguson 8. Tonya Lance 9. Dave Schultz 10. David Schultz Jr 11. Samantha Zipp 12. Alex Schoffstall 13. Dave Daubert

Roadrunner Heat Winners: Mike Reichert & Jim Kost

Big Diamond Dog Pound Lucky 13 Bonus ($100) – Dave Daubert

Roadrunner Points: 1. Mike Reichert 795 2. Andrew Fayash III 613 3. Alex Schoffstall 600 4. Chuch Fayash 592 5. Jim Kost 553

Central PA Legends Results: 1. Travis McClelland 2. Robert Stough 3. Seth Kearchner 4. Tanner Jones 5. Scott Houdeshell 6. Lincoln Kearchner 7. Weston Alleman 8. Scott Spidle 9. Brent Marquis 10. Cody Altland 11. Eric Hurst 12. Vincent Wenrich 13. Dave Benner 14. Travis Perry 15. Shaun Miller 16. Choya Young 17. Randy Getz Jr 18. Scott Montgomery 19. Ron Little Jr 20. Preston Alleman 21. Cory Phillips 22. Brady Arndt 23. Logan Carbaugh 24. Scott Musselman DNQ Grady McGrew, Ed Trump, Amanda Onimus, Keegan McGrew, Shawn Groft, Josh Trump & Bryan Rampmeyer Jr

Central PA Legends Heat Winners: Choya Young, Tanner Jones & Travis McClelland / Consi winner – Brady Arndt