Thursday, June 16, 2022

Two Found Dead of Gunshot Wounds in Frackville

Police are investigating the deaths of two people in Frackville on Thursday.

On Thursday morning, the bodies of Megan Beury, 34, and David Zerby, 33, were found with gunshot wounds at 28 North 4th Street in Frackville.

North 4th Street was closed in the area while Borough Police, the State Police Forensics Unit, and Coroner's Office were at the scene investigating.

Schuylkill Deputy Coroner Al Barnes pronounced both dead at the scene at 9:47am.

 Early indications were the incident was a murder suicide.

Autopsies were scheduled to take place later Thursday.

More details as information becomes available.

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  1. What's the point of autopsies in an open and shut case like this where the cause and manner of death are already known? Why not let the dead rest in peace and stop wasting property taxpayers' money?