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Big Diamond Speedway Results from Friday, July 15th, 2022

Big Diamond Speedway Results from Friday, July 15th, 2022

Howard (Modifieds) and Satterlee (Late Models) dominate Friday night at Big Diamond, Logan Watt wins Crate feature, Alex Schoffstall wins Roadrunners.

The third time was a charm for the Zimmer’s Service Center ULMS Super Late Model series as they were able to finally make their debut Friday night at Big Diamond after two rainouts. The traveling series brought 19 cars to the track with Greg Satterlee completely dominating the race for the win. The Insigner Performance Modified feature was won by Duane Howard, also in dominating fashion. Logan Watt continued his education in the USS Achey Crate 602 Sportsman feature race holding off a determined Brandon Edgar for the win with Alex Schoffstall taking top honors in the Red White and Blue Roadrunner feature.

The 30-lap Zimmer’s Service Center ULMS Late Model feature got off to an inauspicious start as two cars tangled in turn on before a lap could be completed. A complete restart was in order and when the green flag dropped it was polesitter Greg Satterlee immediately ascending to the top of the leader board. Lap two saw the yellow out again after a spin in turn four. On the restart it was all Satterlee as he immediately sprinted out to a healthy lead over Jared Miley and Tyler Hershey.

While Satterlee was dominating the action, the complexation of the top five changed on lap 21 as a car slowed coming off of turn two right in front of top five runners Dylan Yoder and Danny Snyder causing both to become involved as the yellow flag was brought out. Dylan Yoder and Snyder both headed to the pits to make repairs and returned.

When racing resumed Satterlee immediately ran away from the field and lead the remainder of the race to take the big win over Tyler Hershey, Jared Miley, Andy Haas and Dylan Yoder who blasted through the field after pitting.

“We had a really good night, certainly drawing the number one pill made my job a lot easier,” commented Satterlee in victory lane with announcer Barry Angstadt. “Starting up front made a lot of difference today, but our car was good, and I was able to get up to the lapped cars pretty good and I don’t know what kind of lead I had at that point but was just trying to make smooth laps and keep myself out of trouble. Thanks to Big Diamond and ULMS and all the fans for coming out tonight and supporting us. We couldn’t do without everyone.”

The Insigner Performance Modified 25-lap feature was completely dominated by Duane Howard as he obliterated the field on this night. Pole-sitter Corey Renninger took the initial lead at the start with Ryan Watt taking the lead from Renninger on lap four. Meanwhile the “Diamond Cutter” Howard was making quick work of the cars in front of him from his ninth starting spot.

Early leader Renninger would bring out the only yellow of the race on lap four when he pulled to stop in turn two. Howard who started in the ninth spot was already up to second in only four laps of competition. Watt would lead on the restart, but Howard was applying the pressure and on lap seven Howard made his way past the No. T102 of Watt to take the lead. Howard would leave the field in his wake as he easily pulled away setting a torrid pace. While Howard was in his own zip code on this night the action was hot behind him with Watt trying to hold off the likes of Brett Kressley, Craig Von Dohren who had made their way into the top five. Those three drivers ran nose to tail for the remainder of the race. Meanwhile Howard continued to lap the field and take starter Jeff Merkel’s checkered flag by almost a half a lap for his second consecutive win and third of the year. Watt held off Kressley for second with Von Dohren and Rick Laubach completing the top five.

“Butch Getz and the whole team gave me a great race car tonight,” said Howard after the race. “This car could rotate the bottom so good tonight and that is what you want to do here. The Billy the Kid Performance engine and Bicknell race car was just on point tonight. The Getz family and everyone involved with this team work so hard to give me good race cars and tonight was a good night.”

The USS Achey Crate 602 Sportsman 20-lap main event proved to be the best race of the night with Logan Watt holding off the strong challenges of points leader Brandon Edgar to win his second Crate feature of the season. Brandon Firestone led at the drop of the green from his pole starting spot. Firestone’s lead was short lived as he broke on lap three to bring out the caution handing the lead over to Watt. Three-time 2022 feature winner Brandon Edgar is now in second using the outside to move through the field.

The youngster Watt and Sportsman veteran Edgar then proceeded to put a show on for the fans. Watt was able to pull out to a small lead, but Edgar remained in striking distance. With five laps to Edgar started to move in on Watt and the last three laps was all over the leader. The last lap saw Edgar try to nose underneath Watt through turns three and four, but Watt kept his car straight and his pulled off turn four with his lead still intact to take the win. Edgar finished second with Danny Buccafusca, Matt Yoder and Jordan Henn the top five.

The Red White and Blue Roadrunner feature started with a couple of no starts as points leader Mike Reichert was done for the night after losing a right rear tire. When the race started CJ Ferguson led lap one from the pole with Dave Schultz taking the point on lap two. Schultz held the lead throughout the race until lap 16 when multi-time winner Alex Schoffstall made his way to the front. Schultz’s great race came to an end after spinning on lap 18 for the final yellow of the race. Schoffstall sprinted away on the restart to win with Feguson, Chuck Fayash, Glenn Rowan and Tod Roth Jr the top five.

Full results from July 15, 2022

Insigner Performance Modifieds (PA Tri-Track Spec 358 Series Race #4) 1. Duane Howard 2. Ryan Watt 3. Brett Kressley 4. Craig Von Dohren 5. Rick Laubach 6. Mike Lisowski 7. Nick Rochinski 8. Scott Albert 9. Ken Eckert Jr 10. Louden Reimert 11. Shawn Fitzpatrick 12. Kevin Beach Jr 13. Heath Metzger 14. Joel Smith 15. Billy Lasko 16. Chris Jenkins 17. Nate Brinker 18. Shawn Light 19. Dan Hineline 20. Corey Renninger 21. Timmy Buckwalter 22. Eddie Strada

Modified Heat Winners: Nick Rochinski, Mike Lisowski & Brett Kressley

Modified Penske Shocks Gift Certificate Winners: Duane Howard ($100), Ryan Watt ($75) & Brett Kressley ($50)

Modified Top Ten in Points: 1. Duane Howard 1087 2. Brett Kressley 1052 3. Nick Rochinski 977 4. Craig Von Dohren 976 5. Louden Reimert 943 6. Eddie Strada 822 7. Mike Lisowski 754 8. Rick Laubach 667 9. Ryan Watt 655 10. Kevin Beach Jr 600

Zimmer’s Service Center ULMS Late Model Results: 1. 22G Greg Satterlee 2. 74 Tyler Hensley 3. 10 Jared Miley 4. 76 Andy Haus 5. 24 Dylan Yoder 6. 13X Ben Whitaker 7. 0 Deshawn Gingerich 8. 44 Danny Snyder 9. 11 Jim McBee 10. 96 Mike Smith 11. 97 Kevin Smith 12. G 05 Paul Spear 13. 10s Dave Stamm 14. 44W Steve Wilson 15. 68 DJ Groft 16. 27 Jim Yoder 17. 14 Charles Clegg Jr 18. 2 Andrew Yoder

USS Achey, Inc. Crate 602 Sportsman: 1. Logan Watt 2. Bandon Edgar 3. Danny Buccafusca 4. Matt Yoder 5. Jordan Henn 6. James Costlow 7. Daryl Dissinger 8. Kyle Kania 9. Gunnar Pio 10. Kevin Olenick 11. John McGeoy 12. Kevin Brady 13. Mike Schnick Jr 14. Ryan Higgs 15. Chad Putalavage 16. Keith Haring 17. Kevin Kaplafka 18. Eric Kocher 19. Marty Shappell 20. Kaitlyn Bailey 21. Talan Carter 22. Tim Vidal 23. Brandon Firestone 24. Dave Shirk 25. Marc Berzowski

Crate Sportsman 602 Heat Winners: Kevin Olenick, Matt Yoder & Brandon Edgar

Crate 602 Penske Shocks Gift Certificate Winners: Logan Watt ($100), Brandon Edgar ($75) & Danny Buccafusca ($50)

Crate Sportsman Points: 1. Brandon Edgar 1608 2. Danny Buccafusca 1439 3. Logan Watt 1339 4. Matt Yoder 1116 5. Kevin Olenick 1101 6. Kyle Kania 1088 7. Talan Carter 1063 8. Mike Scheck Jr 839 9. Daryl Dissinger 743 10. James Costlow 733

Red White and Blue Autos Roadrunners Feature Finish: 1. Alex Schoffstall 2. CJ Ferguson 3. Chuck Fayash 4. Glenn Rowan 5. Tod Roth Jr 6. Joe Bassininsky 7. Jim Kost 8. Kyle Wingle 9. Dave Schultz 10. Dave Daubert 11. Austin Schultz 12. Jarod Bassininsky 13. Mike Reichert 14. Tonya Lance

Roadrunner Points: 1. Mike Reichert 2035 2. Alex Schoffstall 1940 3. Chuck Fayash 1523 4. Jim Kost 1402 5. Andrew Fayash III 1261 6. CJ Ferguson 1247 7. Jarod Bassininsky 1244 8. TJ Fitzpatrick 1131 9. Joe Bassininsky 1051 10. Tod Roth Jr 1010

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