Saturday, September 17, 2022

Truck Gets Hung Up on Wall After Taking Turn Too Early in Lavelle

 A man walked away uninjured after a crash in Lavelle late Saturday.

Around 9:00pm, emergency personnel were called to the intersection of Main Street and Barry Street in Lavelle for a motor vehicle accident.

According to Butler Township Police, an elderly male attempted to make a right hand turn onto Barry Street from Main Street, but took the turn too early.

The driver drove his pickup through the driveway at 470 Main Street and drove over and got hung up on a wall along Barry Street nearly overturning the truck.

The male waited until emergency personnel arrived to secure the truck before exiting the vehicle.

He was evaluated by EMS and no injuries were reported.

Responding to the scene were police from Butler Township and Ashland, along with the Lavelle and Englewood Fire Departments, and the Washington Rescue from Ashland.

Trail Towing was called to the scene for removal of the vehicle.