Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Shenandoah Valley Unveils New Electronic Baseball Scoreboard

An electronic baseball scoreboard is the newest addition to the Shenandoah Valley High School Sports Complex. 

The board located in the Marty Deluca baseball field was donated by two individual sources. 

The first was made by Helen Mikita in memory of her husband Joseph Mikita who was an avid fan Blue Devil sports fan. 

The second was Attorney James Amato a Shenandoah Valley alum who played for baseball coach William “Babe” Conroy from 1996-1999. Also making contributions were the Shenandoah Valley Classes of 2018, & 2019.

Shown in the photo L-R: Facilities Director Dave Lukashunas, Attorney James Amato, SV Superintendent Brian Waite, Helen Ann Mikita surrounded by her grandchildren (clockwise) Nickolas, Meredith, Marlena, & Andrew.

Submitted Photo