Monday, November 28, 2022

Veterans Connect with North Schuylkill Elementary Students

Veterans visiting North Schuylkill on the last day before Thanksgiving break has become a tradition at their elementary school.

Wednesday was a half day or students at North Schuylkill Elementary but there was still plenty to learn from the Veterans that stopped by for a visit.

Over a dozen Veterans from the Ashland, Frackville, and Girardville American Legions and VFWs and Frackville Elks as well as North Schuylkill graduates and former faculty members, and soldiers from Schuylkill Haven Army Reserve, and Indiantown Gap stopped by to talk to students, talk about their experiences, and why it's important remember our Veterans.

As they discussed their experiences and where they traveled while serving, the students began to connect with the Veterans and ask questions on how they travelled to those locations, what they ate, and what they wore.  Many asked about the other countries and wars like Vietnam, Korea, and the Gulf War.

Some students with family members in the military shared their experiences and what it was like to have a family in the military.

Soldiers from Indiantown Gap brought their Humvees and other vehicles for the students to crawl in and explore.

When students weren't with the Veterans, they were busy putting together care packages.  Through a penny way, students raised $1,600 to purchase clothing and blankets for homeless veterans through the Opportunity House as well as gifts for nursing home veterans.  Toiletry items were also packaged and delivered to the Lebanon VA Hospital.

The Veterans that attended included:

  • Marc Burlile
  • Gene Locker
  • Brian Russell Sr.
  • Joseph Yackera
  • Doug Demsko
  • Lance Nelson
  • Jeremy Miller
  • Tom Dando Sr.
  • Tom Dando Jr.
  • Art Savage
  • Francis O'Connell
  • William Kripplebauer
  • Mark Varnell
  • Matthew Bachert
  • Theresa Reed
  • Connor Oprey