Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Emergency Personnel and Borough Officials Respond to Collapsed Home in Shenandoah

An abandoned home collapsed Shenandoah on Wednesday afternoon.

The incident occurred just after 2:30pm when the home at 42 South Bower Street collapsed in on itself and pushed the front of the home out into the street.

The Columbia Hose Company's Rescue Truck was called to the scene at first after it was believed a homeless person may have been inside.  A quick search led to the finding that nobody was inside.  

The debris from the home fell onto and damaged a vehicle that was parked out front.

PPL was called to cut any lines that were still connected.  The borough brought in equipment to bring down any portions of the structure still standing to prevent them from falling and damaging anything.

No injuries were reported.

Neighbors nearby said they've been watching the building crumble and said it was only a matter of time until it happened.