Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Schuylkill Technology Center Students Place at DECA Regional Competition

Students enrolled in the Marketing and Business Administration Program at the South Campus of Schuylkill Technology Center compete at the regional Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) Competition held at LCCC in Schnecksville, on Tuesday, December 14, 2022. 

 STC operates a local DECA Chapter, dedicated to preparing emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges throughout the globe ( DECA hosts industry-validated competitive events that involve written and interactive components aligned the career and technical programs of study for marketing, business, tourism, hospitality and finance. STC was pleased to announce that 21 of the 25 students that competed at the regional DECA Competition placed in the following areas:
  • Alex Kurtek, Minersville – Personal Financial Literacy – 1st Place
  • George Lopez, Shenandoah Valley – Retail Merchandising – 1st Place
  • Osbaldo Pagan, Shenandoah Valley – Human Resources Management – 1st Place
  • AJ Serrano, Pottsville – Sports and Entertainment Marketing – 1st Place
  • Felicia Levan, Blue Mt., Alexis Balliet, Williams Valley, Korrena Bittner, Tamaqua – Chapter Banner Event – 1st Place
  • Sebastian Soto-Cervantes, Schuylkill Haven – Marketing Communications – 2nd Place
  • Danah Brozyno, Tamaqua – Modeling – 2nd Place
  • Danah Brozyno, Tamaqua – Marketing Communications – 3rd Place
  • Kaitlyn Zulli, Blue Mt. – Food Marketing – 3rd Place
  • Hoyt Schlegel, Pine Grove – Personal Financial Literacy – 3rd Place
  • Carson Farber, Tamaqua – Principles of Marketing – 3rd Place
  • Vanessa Coyle, Shenandoah Valley – Business Services Marketing – 4th Place
  • Jordyn Moyer, Blue Mountain – Retail Merchandising – 4th Place
  • Cecelia Larkin, Pottsville – Principles of Marketing – 4th Place
  • Gordon Slater, Shenandoah Valley - Sports and Entertainment Marketing – 4th Place
  • Jaicie Snyder, Blue Mt. - Human Resources Management – 4th Place
  • Nicole Neiswender, Minersville – Apparel and Accessories Marketing – 5th Place
  • Avery Daniels, Blue Mt. – Apparel and Accessories Marketing – 6th Place
  • Leah Purcell, Tri-Valley – Restaurant and Food Service Management – 6th Place
Other competitors in this competition were: Damaris Frias from Shenandoah Valley, Leslie Paniagua from Shenandoah Valley for a Buying and Merchandising Team Event and Shelby McGlinchey from Schuylkill Haven, Autumn Porter from Tamaqua, and Danicka Samler from North Schuylkill for a Chapter Banner Event.

The first-place award recipients will advance to the statewide DECA Competition scheduled to take place February 22-24th at Hershey Lodge. “I am very proud of the hard work and dedication my students displayed. The personal and academic growth students receive from challenging themselves in DECA is extremely beneficial for their future professional goals” said STC Marketing and Business Administration Instructor, Brandon Horan. Pictured (left to right) are:

Front Row: Shelby McGlinchey, Autumn Porter, Danicka Samler, Vanessa Coyle, Alexis Balliet, Koreena Bittner, Felicia Levan. Middle Row: Nicole Neiswender, Leah Purcell, Kaitlyn Zulli, Danah Brozyno, Leslie Paniagua, Damaris Frias, George Lopez Vazquez. Back Row: Osbaldo Pagan, Sebastian Soto Cervantes, Alex Kurtek, Avery Daniels, AJ Serrano, Gordon Slater, Jordyn Moyer, Jaicie Snyder, Hoyt Schlegel, Carson Farber, Cecelia Larkin.