Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Firepit Inside Home Draws Response from Ashland Firefighters

A active firepit was found inside a home in Ashland late Tuesday afternoon.

The call began Tuesday around 5:00pm as Ashland's Assistant Fire Chief Charles Orth was driving down Hoffman Boulevard and noticed heavy smoke coming from several windows of the home at 212 South Hoffman Boulevard.

An investigation led to the finding of a firepit in the middle living room of the home with an active fire lit.  The fire had filled the home with smoke and had melted a ceiling fan directly above it.

Two men were working in the home that was under renovation and also had a running generator inside, which is also prohibited.

All fire units were held in station with the exception of the American Hose and Ashland Police.  Responding firefighters extinguished the fire with a water can and removed the firepit.

The owner of the home was contacted and didn't have the correct permits.  Code enforcement was called to post the home.

All fire units cleared the scene within 45 minutes.