Saturday, February 18, 2023

Shenandoah Valley School District Receives USDA Grant and Loan to Purchase School Van for Special Education and Homeless Students

Senator Bob Casey's office has announced that the Shenandoah Valley School District will receive a grant and loan to purchase a new school van.

The district will be receiving a $52,400 grant from the USDA Rural Development grant program and a $23,600 loan from the USDA.

According to a statement received, the investment will be used to purchase a 2023 transit-350 passenger RWD low roof van and a 2023 transit connect passenger wagon to provide transportation for special education and homeless students. 

It is a requirement of the Individualized Education Plan and federal law that the district provides this type of transportation and the demands for this specialized transportation is increasing substantially. 

The school district is already providing this type of transportation, but also contracts this out with other school districts. The other districts are near capacity in their vans so this will not always be an option, according to Senator Casey's office.