Sunday, February 19, 2023

Welfare Check Leads to Assault and False Imprisonment Charges in Pottsville

A Pottsville man is facing charges for assault and false imprisonment after a welfare check last weekend.
According to Pottsville Police, on Sunday February 12, 2023, around 1:45pm, members of the Pottsville Bureau of Police responded to the 1200 block of West Market Street, to check the welfare of a 36-year-old woman. The request came from an out of town relative.

After a delayed response from the suspect inside, Police made contact with resident Christopher Yost, 29, who acknowledged the female was inside and after being summoned, she did speak with Police. 

The female victim reported that her now ex-boyfriend, Christopher Yost, had been physically restraining her inside the residence since her return to the residence on Saturday, February 11th, 2023. 

The victim further reported that Yost would stand in front of the door, block her exit and physically grab, twist and restrain her about her arms and body causing pain, redness and bruising. She also said Yost also took her phone from her to prevent her calling for help. 

Police observed multiple bruises about both arms of the female victim corroborating the information received from the female victim. 

Yost was taken into custody and charged with Simple Assault, False Imprisonment and harassment pursuant to section 2711, probable cause arrests in domestic violence cases. 

He was arraigned before on-call Magisterial District Judge Anthony Kilker and released on $25,000 bail, unsecured.

Yost is scheduled to appear before Magisterial District Judge James Reiley on March 20th, 2023.