Thursday, March 16, 2023

Schuylkill County Woman Faces Charges for Stealing Fundraiser Money from Cancer Patient

A Schuylkill County woman is facing charges for stealing money she collected through a fundraiser.

According to Minersville Police Patrolman Jeffrey Bowers, charges have been filed by himself and Detective Shawn Butler through Magisterial District Judge David Plachko's office against Camille Yoder, 54, of Forestville for allegedly stealing hundreds of dollars from a cancer patient she held a fundraiser for.

Bowers says in early February 2023, he learned that Yoder hosted the pulled pork dinner fundraiser at the Rod Gun Club.

Yoder held the event that sold platters that included the pulled pork sandwich, coleslaw, roll, and a baked potato for $15.

The pork for the sandwiches was donated by a chef, and the containers, rolls, and potatoes were donated by the victim's sister.

To promote the event, Yoder created a Facebook event that stated "all proceeds to benefit the family" with the actual event being held at the club on Gallow Row in Minersville, where Yoder and her husband are members.

The family of the patient told police they did not request Yoder to conduct the fundraiser, and that she took it upon herself to do so.

During the course of the fundraiser, the family of the victim said Yoder collected numerous donations in excess of $15 because the donors believed the money was going directly to the victim.  They told investigators they witnessed $180 in cash donations being collected by Yoder.

The total amount collected for the fundraiser was $1,380 that included $1,200 (80 platters sold at $15 a piece) and the $180 in donations.

After the fundraiser, Yoder continued to hold the funds.

Representatives of the victim attempted to contact Yoder numerous times inquiring about the proceeds, to which Yoder provided several excuses including waiting on checks from classmates from out the area.

Eventually, Yoder agreed to meet with the victim's sister, where she only provided $600 from the fundraiser, still leaving a balance of $780.  Yoder told the family that she still had expenses to pay, including the expenses for the coleslaw.  

The chef told police that it cost approximately $50 to $100 to make the coleslaw served.

Bowers and Butler learned that that Yoder's membership with the gun club had already been in question.  The club told the investigators that she did not have permission to hold the fundraiser and she also was on probation after a large sum of cash went missing from the club under suspicious circumstances.

Yoder was contacted by police to tell her side of the story and even though she acknowledged them, she never contacted Bowers or Butler.

On Wednesday, Bowers and Butler charged Yoder with theft by failure to make required disposition of funds, theft by deception, and receiving stolen property.

Bowers says the family of the victim is seeking restitution for the $780.

Photo provided by Minersville Police.