Saturday, April 1, 2023

Over 500 Homes Without Power in Western Schuylkill County

High winds have knocked power out in Western Schuylkill County late Saturday.

As of 8:30pm, Saturday, 575 homes are without power in the area of Sacramento, west of Valley View.

The areas of Fearnot and Spring Glen are also reported to be without power.

Due to numerous outages around the area, the estimated repair time is 4:30am, Sunday.

Several smaller outages have been reported in other Schuylkill County communities including:

  • Cass Township - 18 homes
  • East Brunswick Township - 3 homes
  • East Union Township - 1 home
  • Pottsville - 72 homes
  • Rush Township - 14 homes
  • Ryan Township - 16 homes.