Monday, May 1, 2023

Bed, Bath, and Beyond Bankruptcy Impacts Schuylkill County Jobs

Late last month, Bed Bath and Beyond announced it would be filing for bankruptcy and closing hundreds its stores.  The ripple effects of this announcement will have a direct impact on Schuylkill County jobs.

Ryder Integrated Logistics, located at 71 Mall Road, in New Castle Township, near Frackville, serves Bed Bath Beyond, and due to the bankruptcy, the facility has announced it will be closing also.

A WARN was posted through the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry last week announcing the closure.

According to the announcement, 132 employees will lose their jobs sometime between June 25, 2023 and July 9, 2023.

Ryder was the first tenant to move into the facility after its opening in September of 2021.

Northpoint Development purchased the old Schuylkill Mall property, tore it down, and replaced it with the current facility.

Photo of Facility in August of 2021