Monday, June 26, 2023

Schuylkill County Students Named to Kutztown University's Dean List


Kutztown University has announced that more than 1,90- students have been named to the Spring 2023 Dean's List. 

Out of those students, 72 students that are native to Schuylkill County were recognized on the list.

To be eligible for the Dean's List, an undergraduate student must be registered for at least 12 credits and have a minimum grade point average of 3.60.

(Please notify us if there is someone we missed on the list)

  1. Cierra Jean Anna Abrachinsky of Mahanoy City
  2. Trey C Andersen of Pine Grove
  3. Charlie Manuel Apanco of Tamaqua
  4. Ryan W Ball of Mahanoy City
  5. Sage Michael Barron of Pine Grove
  6. Erin N Batz of Schuylkill Haven
  7. James Lee Becker of Ringtown
  8. Mikaylah Jordyn Bendetti of Orwigsburg
  9. Kay J Binder of New Ringgold
  10. Detrick M Borden of Tamaqua
  11. Jacqueline Grace Buchanan of Shenandoah
  12. Makarios Butt of Schuylkill Haven
  13. Josie Carriglitto of New Ringgold
  14. McKenna C Cavenas of Mahanoy City
  15. Chelsea M Chatcho of Pottsville
  16. Matthew A Coller of Orwigsburg
  17. Emily L Cooper of Pine Grove
  18. Alexandra Lynn Costa of Orwigsburg
  19. Savannah Crutchfield of Pottsville
  20. Brody E Cryts of Schuylkill Haven
  21. Ellie Jane Cunningham of Barnesville
  22. Lauren N Deibert of Orwigsburg
  23. Taylor V Donmoyer of Pine Grove
  24. Kevin Michael Donton of Schuylkill Haven
  25. Karrison K Dubbs of Schuylkill Haven
  26. Hannah N Evans of Pottsville
  27. Tara Lynn Fegley of Schuylkill Haven
  28. Michael Joseph Fellin of Sheppton
  29. Kylan Nicholas Fry of Auburn
  30. Joshua Paul Gibson of Auburn
  31. Brynn Nicole Gigli of New Ringgold
  32. Parker M Gnall of Mahanoy City
  33. Danny Xavier Gonzalez of Schuylkill Haven
  34. Maddie Rose Gordon of Friedensburg
  35. Ian J Grogan of Orwigsburg
  36. Laurisa Marie Gruver of New Ringgold
  37. Roberta L Harris of Pottsville
  38. Abbie B Heffner of Schuylkill Haven
  39. Cade W Herndon of Port Carbon
  40. Alyssa Lyn Kauffman of Pine Grove
  41. Maura J Lehman of Pine Grove
  42. Ryan David Lindenmuth of Saint Clair
  43. Payton Josette Martin of Barnesville
  44. Robert Stephen McCarthy of Mahanoy Plane
  45. Patrick McCord of Saint Clair
  46. Maddie Marie McGlinchey of Tamaqua
  47. Gabrielle Elizabeth Miller of Pine Grove
  48. Berty Mae Minnick of Orwigsburg
  49. Mikayla Brianna Minnick of Orwigsburg
  50. Emma Louise Motko of Schuylkill Haven
  51. James Michael Munster of Auburn
  52. Jakob J Nahas of Frackville
  53. Joshua A Norris of Pottsville
  54. Olivia Osborne of Pottsville
  55. Spencer James Paukstis of Minersville
  56. Andrew Joseph Puka of Frackville
  57. Lindsay N Purcell of Pottsville
  58. Avery Alyssa Richter of Schuylkill Haven
  59. Ashley Marie Roberts of Pottsville
  60. Desiree Lynn Rossi of Schuylkill Haven
  61. Madeline M Schuettler of Pottsville
  62. Brady K Sherry of Tamaqua
  63. Kayla D Sherry of Tamaqua
  64. Emma Elizabeth Smith of Port Carbon
  65. Stephen L Sponenburg of Pottsville
  66. Taylor Szczecina of Orwigsburg
  67. Kipp Joseph Tonkin of Tamaqua
  68. Hannah C Vaughn of Auburn
  69. Brooke A Wargo of Tuscarora
  70. Julia Angeline Whitbeck of Tamaqua
  71. Brianna Nicole Woodworth of Pine Grove
  72. Mckenna Marie Wychunas of Orwigsburg