Friday, July 21, 2023


BUSINESSES OF THE SKOOK:  The Chopping Block, located at 370 South Centre Street, Pottsville.  Owned by Jonathan Marsh, Elizabeth Marsh, Alex Chivinski, Samantha Chivinski

"One night the four of us were talking (our wives are best friends and grew up together) about activities that would be cool to do in Pottsville. We talked about how great it is that Pottsville is on the rise and the energy behind the revitalization efforts is extremely refreshing. We want to help keep the efforts moving forward. We both have kids, and want them to be proud of where they are from. 

Weeks later, PADCO’s LaunchPottsville initiative came to fruition. In the criteria of the business plan competition, the very same needs we identified in previous conversations, fit the scope of the program. We thought, “why not, let’s go for it.”

After our application was accepted, we participated in weeks of training, prepared numerous projections and a business plan.

Then, we identified a building that had the perfect layout, with the perfect amount of space, though not near the shape we needed it to be in. The day we walked through the building for the very first time, it was raining outside. It was also raining inside. Through the dilapidated walls and piles of garbage, we could perfectly envision what would come to be The Chopping Block, located at 370 S. Centre St., Pottsville. 

After working with Pottsville’s Redevelopment Authority, we closed on the building. 

The first order of business was to clear out the building and take it down to the studs.  

Today’s unfriendly economic climate made it extremely difficult to stay within the project’s budget and within our original anticipated timeline. 

Fast forward ten months, we’re now within days of announcing our open date. The Chopping Block didn’t come to fruition without an enormous amount of help from our families and friends. We would have never been able to do it without them.  

Our first floor offers 14 throwing lanes, a full bar and lounge area. Our targets are electronically projected, giving guests the opportunity to play games like zombies, tic tac toe and duck hunt, in additional to traditional throwing. 

We are a BYOF (bring your own food!) establishment. Guests are encouraged to bring in their favorite snacks, or order in from a local restaurant! We look forward to partnering and working with our neighboring businesses! 

Our full bar will include 12 taps featuring local Yuengling favorites, in addition to other craft beers.

As we look forward, phase two, our second floor, will provide private axe throwing lanes in an event-space setting. The space is enclosed with floor to ceiling windows that create an extremely awesome vibe. When completed, the space will be available for parties, corporate events and more.  

If we were to be asked for advice, it’d be to create a strong professional network, and use it. We sought advice from other venue owners across the country. They were extremely helpful and encouraging. We avoided a lot of mistakes by taking advice they gave us based on their experiences."

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Photos by Jocelyn Barrett /People of Skook /@Danie Mae Photography, LLC