Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Domestic Dispute Leads to Arrest: Pottsville Man Charged with Assault and Harassment

POTTSVILLE – A Pottsville man faces assault and harassment charges after a domestic incident.

An incident of domestic dispute on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, at approximately 2:30 pm, prompted the swift response of the Pottsville Police. The altercation unfolded at a residence situated in the 600 block of North Centre Street, drawing law enforcement's attention to the scene.

The victim, a 24-year-old female, detailed an encounter involving her boyfriend, 29-year-old Michael Antonio Rivera. According to the victim's account, Rivera purportedly struck her on the face twice with an open hand during a heated dispute. The victim disclosed that she is currently two months pregnant, with Rivera being the father of the unborn child.

As per the victim's statement, a verbal altercation spiraled out of control, culminating in Rivera's alleged forceful actions. The result was the victim experiencing pain and exhibiting redness on the left side of her face, consistent with the impact of slapping. Law enforcement officials on the scene corroborated these details, observing the visible signs of redness.

In an attempt to defend herself and break free from Rivera's grasp, the victim seized a nearby fan and hurled it at Rivera. This action created a window of opportunity for her to escape the situation, prompting her to flee the residence and seek refuge outside.

Subsequent to a thorough investigation by Officer Flail of the Pottsville Police, a formal criminal complaint was prepared against Michael Antonio Rivera. The charges include one count of Simple Assault Pursuant to Domestic Violence and one count of Harassment.

The legal proceedings followed, with Rivera being arraigned before Magisterial District Judge James Reiley, Pottsville. As a result of the arraignment, Rivera was remanded to Schuylkill County Prison, on a bail amount of $5,000 in cash. However, Rivera's period of confinement was short-lived, as he managed to secure his release by posting bail in the early hours of Wednesday morning.