Friday, August 25, 2023

Pennsylvania State Police Academy Celebrates Graduation of 167th Cadet Class

Hershey, PA - August 25, 2023 - Colonel Christopher Paris, the Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police, proudly announced today the successful graduation of 50 cadets from the renowned Pennsylvania State Police Academy. 

This marks a significant milestone as the 167th batch of cadets to complete their training at the academy since its inception in 1960.

The ceremony, which took place at the LCBC Manheim in Lancaster County, was filled with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation as these newly minted officers are now poised to contribute to the esteemed ranks of the Pennsylvania State Police.

"Through their dedication and hard work, these women and men have completed one of the nation's most rigorous and thorough basic training programs. They are now equipped to uphold the responsibilities of the Pennsylvania State Police with the highest standards," Colonel Paris stated. He further emphasized that the 167th Cadet Class stands as a testament to the academy's unwavering commitment to excellence, and their presence will undoubtedly enhance the safety and security of the entire state.

The ceremony recognized the outstanding achievements of five exceptional cadets who demonstrated exceptional dedication and prowess during their training:Brody M. Moore was honored with the prestigious American Legion Award, a recognition of his exceptional all-around performance in academics, physical fitness, ethics, and morality.
  • Brody M. Moore, displaying remarkable skill, also clinched the Sergeant Charles B. Gesford High Pistol Award, securing the highest score in the department's rigorous pistol qualification course.
  • Aaron J. Mylan stood out and was presented with the John K. Schafer Memorial Award, commending his outstanding combined score across a series of physically demanding skills tests.
  • For his unmatched proficiency in driver safety training, Thomas L. Walutes III was bestowed with the esteemed Colonel Paul J. Chylak Memorial Driver Proficiency Award.
  • Marten L. Weston's exceptional academic accomplishments were celebrated as he received the Daniel F. Dunn High Scholastic Award, a testament to his dedication to learning.
  • Andrew M. Zaborowski was honored with the Colonel Ronald M. Sharpe Leadership Award, recognizing his embodiment of exemplary leadership qualities.
The event was a celebration not only of the graduates but also of the Pennsylvania State Police Academy's enduring legacy. As the 167th Cadet Class steps into their roles, they carry forward the academy's tradition of producing exceptional law enforcement officers who are dedicated to safeguarding the community.

The new troopers will report to the following troops September 5:

Troop B
  • Matthew L. DeChicchis
  • Anthony M. Fannie
Troop C
  • Nathan A. Lash
Troop E
  • Collin E. Askins
  • Jaden R. Blasco
  • Jake L. Cuny
  • Daniel E. Kline Jr.
  • Jason D. Taylor
Troop F
  • Charles G. Ball
  • Emily J. Harsomchuck
  • Philip V. Kyle
  • Aaron J. Mylan
  • Caleb B. Smith
  • Jacob T. Walker
Troop G
  • Mason A. Emigh
Troop H
  • Holly M. Bayliss
  • Coulton R. Berry
  • Caileigh G. Bolin
  • Emily N. Boozel
  • Ethan M. Everetts
  • Kyle M. Heller
  • Jesse T. Lee
  • Brody M. Moore
  • Tanner M. Nelson
  • Cameron S. Norris
  • Kyle D. Reese
  • Scott A. Urban
Troop J
  • Matthew A. Perri
Troop K
  • Bryan O. Aviles-Ortiz
  • Michael J. Bartosiewicz
  • Roy U. Jalloh
  • Matthew T. Kost
  • Zachary M. Lesniak
  • Francesco S. Mazza
  • Serena A. McConaughey
  • Andrew J. Moreton
  • Gregory A. Naugle
  • Sarah A. Rushmore
  • Jermaine J. Smith
  • Andrew M. Zaborowski
Troop L
  • Brody T. Myers
  • Caleb M. Oestrike
  • Isaiah N. Owens
Troop N
  • Peter P. Gutowski Jr.
  • Ryan M. Kelly
  • Tara F. Roden
  • Thomas L. Walutes, III
  • Marten L. Weston
Troop P
  • Justus J. Cole
  • Wade R. Hursh