Wednesday, September 13, 2023

IN CUSTODY: Danelo Cavalcante Captured After Two Week Manhunt in Chester County

Just before 8:30am, Wednesday, the Pennsylvania State Police announced that the escaped convict they've been searching for is in custody.

Details on the capture are to be released during a 9:30am press conference.

Cavalcante, known for his conviction in the brutal stabbing of his former girlfriend, executed in broad daylight, had managed to escape the confines of the Chester County Prison on August 31st, employing an unconventional method described as "crab walking" up a prison wall.

Law enforcement officials have been relentless in their pursuit of the fugitive,  following him as he continued to elude police in various locations around Chester County.

Over the past few days, home security cameras shown that Cavalcante had changed his look and police had learned he had stolen a vehicle and also a firearm.

Most recently, he was known to have been in the South Conventry Township area and was considered armed and dangerous.

As more information is released today, Skook News will pass it along to you.