Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Rescue Effort Saves Stranded Dog in Ashland

A dog named Sweetie was rescued by police and fire personnel after being stranded in the woods in Ashland.
On Tuesday, around 1:00 pm, emergency personnel sprang into action in the area of 12th and Vine Street in Ashland, responding to a report of a dog rescue.

The story began when a dog named Sweetie was on a hike with her owner on Monday. Unfortunately, their hike took an unexpected turn as Sweetie tumbled down an embankment roughly a quarter mile into the woods.

While Sweetie was unscathed, she found herself in a predicament, unable to climb back to safety. Sweetie's owner dialed 911, but due to her remote location, they were rerouted to Columbia County 911, who were unable to assist directly. They provided a contact number for an animal rescue organization based in Bloomsburg.

It was until later Tuesday morning that the rescue team made contact with her owner and reached out to emergency services in Schuylkill County.

Among the first responders was Ashland Police Chief Ger Daley, who arrived first to the scene. Chief Daley encountered Sweetie, stuck on the embankment approximately 50 feet down into a hole.

As the situation unfolded, two ATV riders, Ryan Mueller, also an Ashland firefighter, and Glenn Hoffman, joined forces in the valiant rescue effort.

Firefighters from Washington Fire Company, American Hose, and Friendship Fire in Englewood responded to the scene. After an hour of hard work, they successfully retrieved Sweetie from her precarious position, transporting her out of the woods, reuniting her with her owner and a refreshing bowl of water.

Chief Daley shared that Sweetie appeared to be unharmed by her ordeal but recommended that her owner have her checked out by a veterinarian to ensure she was alright.

Sweetie's owner thanked all of her rescuers for help.  Chief Daley specifically thanked Mueller and Hoffman who jumped into action and helped during the incident.

Story and Photos by J. Reed / Skook News