Monday, September 11, 2023

Teen Parishioner Transforms Christ's United Lutheran Church Grounds with New Prayer Garden

A remarkable transformation has taken place at Christ's United Lutheran Church on Airport Road in Barry Township, where a new prayer garden now graces the church grounds.
Jacob Tice, 17, is not only a lifelong member of the church but also the visionary behind this inspiring addition. Tice set out to create a tribute to his cherished parish—one that would seamlessly blend utility with aesthetic appeal.

With an outpouring of support from fellow church members and dedicated Scouts from Troop 745 in Ashland, Jacob's dream took shape. Together, they labored to bring to life a serene garden, complete with paved walkways, blooming flowers, and benches for contemplation.

The garden's unveiling occurred on Sunday morning, immediately following the regular church service. Leading the dedication ceremony was none other than Jacob's father, Erik Tice, a lay minister and worship leader at the church.

The Scouts' ingenuity was on full display as they artfully designed the garden, drawing inspiration from a majestic red maple tree that had stood on the church property for generations. This ancient sentinel became the centerpiece around which the prayer garden would find its purpose and symbolism.

The new prayer garden, an embodiment of communal unity and youthful determination, now stands as a sanctuary for quiet reflection and solace, welcoming all who visit Christ's United Lutheran Church.