Friday, February 16, 2024

Blue Mountain Stages Comeback to Secure Spot in Schuylkill League Championship

In a story that could only be written at Martz Hall during the Schuylkill League Tournament, the Blue Mountain Eagles overcame a late deficit to snatch victory against the Marian Catholic Colts. 

Blue Mountain pulled off a stunning 45-38 win, booking their first ticket ever to the Schuylkill League Championship.

The game started off with a tight battle between the two teams, with Marian Catholic Colts taking a slight lead at the end of the first quarter, 14-11. By halftime, the Colts managed to maintain their lead, heading to the locker room with a narrow margin, 26-23.

As the third quarter progressed, Blue Mountain Eagles were still trailing behind, with Marian Catholic holding onto their advantage, leading 33-31. However, it was in the final quarter where the game reached its peak.

With an intense surge of determination, the Blue Mountain Eagles orchestrated a remarkable comeback, launching a spectacular 14-2 run that left the Colts struggling to keep pace. Led by standout performances from Hailey Place, Makayla Keck, and Kylie Conway, Blue Mountain managed to turn the tide in their favor, stunning the Colts and clinching the victory.

Hailey Place led the scoring charge for Blue Mountain, contributing 15 points to the team's total, closely followed by Makayla Keck with 14 points and Kylie Conway with 6 points.

Despite their efforts, Marian Catholic Colts fell short in the final stretch. Carly Minchhoff, Frankie Martinelli, and Aliya Tihtova showcased commendable performances, scoring 12, 11, and 10 points respectively for their team.

With this victory, Blue Mountain Eagles now advance to face off against North Schuylkill for the Girls Schuylkill League Championship Friday night.  

Photos by Jocelyn Barrett / Danie Mae Photography