Wednesday, April 24, 2024

IGNITE SCHUYLKILL - The Participants - Adam Lorady and "The Record Store"


Introducing the first participant in the "Ignite Schuylkill" Entrepreneur Competition, Adam Lorady and the Record Store. 

As a way to "ignite" local economic development, the Schuylkill Chamber Foundation unveiled last year, the IGNITE Schuylkill program, which is now generously supported by a $100,000 grant pool. 

This initiative is tailored for emerging entrepreneurs, aiming to provide support and guidance for the growth of early-stage businesses.

The IGNITE Schuylkill program sets out to revolutionize economic development by investing in human capital, creating a conducive environment for emerging businesses to flourish. 

The 16-week educational component of IGNITE Schuylkill is designed to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with coursework on entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership. Established business owners will act as guest lecturers, sharing valuable insights, while local business owners will serve as mentors, guiding participants through the challenges of starting a business.

The program will culminate in a live competition, reminiscent of Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs stand a chance to win a guaranteed award of at least $100,000. This competition aligns with IGNITE Schuylkill's focus on boosting the local economy by strengthening Schuylkill County's business community in both density and quality.

Entrepreneurs participating in the program will receive startup capital to fund their businesses. The Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce announced this week the collection of a $100,000 grant pool, with generous contributions from community investors.