Friday, April 19, 2024

North Schuylkill Recognizes April Students of the Month

Prior to the monthly North Schuylkill Board of Directors meeting this past Wednesday, the school board recognized the district's Students of the month for April.

Jr/Sr High School

  • Gavin Mentzer, 11th Grade
  • Alissa Heckman, 8th Grade

The following students were nominated for Student of the Month for April from the elementary school:

S (Self Starter) Knox Sajone - nominated by Amanda Muraczewski

P (Positive) Samantha Mayernick - nominated by Caroline Schuster

A (Ambitious) Jemma Barrett - nominated by Angela Kempsey

R (Resourceful) Catherine Faulkner - nominated by Susan Bisco

T (Team Player) Teagan Rakus - nominated by Karisa Kehler

A (Authentic) Alice Kowalick - nominated by Susan Burns

N (Natural Leader) Melia Reeder - nominated by Samantha Shinkus

Alissa Heckman

Gavin Mentzer

Elementary Students of the Month