Friday, June 7, 2024

Centre Street in Ashland Reopens After Downed Utility Poles Cause Hours-Long Closure

Two downed utility poles closed Centre Street in Ashland on Friday.

Just before 4:00pm, on Friday, an Ashland Fire Chief's call came in for a report of a utility pole and wires down in the 900 Block of West Centre Street in Ashland.

Assistant Fire Chief Charlie Orth arrived to find 2 utility poles had fallen over into the street bring their wires, streetlights, and veterans flags down with them.

Witnesses at the scene said that weather conditions had become windy at the time, and the first pole fell in the 900 Block which then pulled down the second in the 1000 block.

PPL immediately was dispatched arriving just after 5pm. The Ashland Fire Department provided traffic control near the scene while Mount Carmel Fire Police and the Lavelle Fire Department provided traffic control to keep tractor trailers from getting close to the scene.

The veteran banners that were on the poles were also secured by the borough.

PPL cut the lines and removed the poles from the street and Centre Street reopened at 6:45pm.