Friday, April 20, 2018

Tremont Police Investigate Case of Animal Cruelty

Tremont Police have completed an investigation into a case of animal cruelty.

According to Tremont Police, earlier this week there was a case an animal cruelty to a dog in Donaldson.

Tremont Police investigated and found that Caleb Derr, of Donaldson, shot and killed his dog named Zach.

After talking with Derr, he told police that Zach was sick and he shot the dog in the head to "put him out of his misery."

Police investigated and found the dog buried in the yard and took his body to a local veterinarian for examination.

The veterinarian confirmed that the dog  was shot in the head. Earlier reports were the dog was beaten but the veterinarian reported that based on the examination there was no evidence of that.

On Thursday, Tremont Police completed their investigation and say they will be filing animal cruelty charges in the coming weeks against Derr.

UPDATE - Article was revised to remove that the veterinarian confirmed that the dog was sick.  The veterinarian could not confirm.

Below is the official press release from the Tremont Police Department

On April 17, 2018 our department received a call from Pennsylvania State police who responded and assisted with turning over the investigation of a death of a dog named Zach located in the village of Donaldson, PA 17981.

Our department has worked with the humane society officers, state dog warden, and has investigated multiple comments, concerns, and complaints of the alleged beating of the dog to death. With the sensitivity to this case our department was approved overtime and around the clock investigation into this alleged beating of a dog to death.

I would like to state that the alleged suspect and his family allowed for complete cooperation into the investigation of the death of Zack. The dog with consent from the family was dug up and taken to a local animal hospital where it was examined and evaluated for the manner and the cause of his death by a veterinarian. In the examination the dog did receive medical images and x-rays and tests to come up with the cause and manner of the death of Zack. It was reportedly shot in the head and no evidence of receiving a beating to death.
Within the interviews and statements gathered upon the investigation and with the medical examination revealed that the dog was shot in the head. The reports of the dog being very ill and that had caused the alleged suspect to shoot the dog to put Zach to rest.

The Tremont Police department is asking for all of our community to learn and realize that if an animal is ill please reach out to a veterinarian and properly put the animal to rest.

The alleged suspect is facing charges of cruelty to animals which is a misdemeanor of the 2nd Degree.

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