Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Daub Announces Candidacy for Prothonotary

Dan Daub, current Mayor of Tower City, and Chairman of the Schuylkill County Republican Committee, has announced his candidacy for Prothonotary of Schuylkill County. Current Prothonotary David Dutcavich, of Minersville, has announced he does not plan to seek re-election.
Daub, 52, resides in Tower City with his wife Dawn and their three teenage daughters, Chelsea, Bethany and Abbey. His twins, Ronnie and Maddie, are now full fledged adults.

Daub has served as Mayor of Tower City since 2010, and has served as a lifetime volunteer and leader in the county Republican party. He previously served as Chairman of the Party from 2003-2006, and was elected Chair again last June for a 2 year term of office. He has been a Delegate and Alternate Delegate to 3 Republican National Conventions, has been a member of Republican State Committee, and served as a District leader and locally elected Republican committeeperson since 1984. He has also served in the past as Party Treasurer, and as Party Secretary, positions that are elected by the locally elected committee members from all communities throughout the county.

In addition, Daub is a 20+ year member and Chairman of the Schuylkill County Zoning Hearing Board, and a member of Muir Fire Company, the Tower City Moose Lodge, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Williamstown American Legion, and has served previous terms on the Board of Directors of the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce, Avenues, and the medical services board of McCann School of Business. He has extensive experience in healthcare management and served as a senior leader in several healthcare companies. He has an Associates Degrees in Business management from Harrisburg Area Community College, a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration from Shippensburg University, and healthcare courses from Marywood University.

Daub stated, “I feel I am uniquely qualified to serve as the Prothonotary based on my municipal government experience as Mayor, my professional experience as a leader and decision maker in the healthcare field, and I enjoy a countywide political network from my lifetime of volunteer work in support of our Republican candidates and office holders.”

Daub also stated his belief that the elected officials of Schuylkill County should reflect the various geographical regions of the county, and notes that there are no current office holders from the western area of Schuylkill County. “I believe it is important that the people of all areas of the county have someone to represent them in the county courthouse, and I look forward to making sure that that happens!”.

In regard to operations of the office, Daub stated that his business and management experience will lend itself to creating efficiencies and customer usefulness in the data collected and processed by the Prothonotary office. "I firmly believe the office will benefit from additional use of available technology, and quite honestly, I am hopeful that we will be able to make it so efficient that perhaps it could finally be merged with another office, perhaps Clerk of Courts, as some Pennsylvania counties have already done. I think using the expertise and talents of our county management information team, we could automate much more than is currently done, saving manpower, labor and time for those that use the Prothonotary office. I will also expand the availability of some functions of the office, such as Passport applications, to be available on some weekends and hopefully at locations across our wonderful county."

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