Monday, April 27, 2020

Girardville Basketball Association Seeking Donors for Renovation and Improvements through Tax Incentive Program

The Girardville Basketball Association is seeking donors to help with renovations and improvements for their basketball facility.

GBA has operated for many years out of the James Rhoades Center at the gymnasium inside the former Girardville Elementary School.

The organization has grown since it began with this last season, filling 21 teams of 209 players for the 2019-2020 season which ran from October to March.  The most in the organization's history.

GBA is a 501(c) non-profit and requires donations and fundraisers to keep the organization going as well as making improvements to their facility.

Most recently, the organization was approved for the Neighborhood Assistance Program.

Under the NAP Special Programs Priority, donors to GBA are eligible to apply for 75% tax credits for their contributions to the organization.

Improvements that the donations would be used for would be a new roof as well as electrical upgrades to their gymnasium, resulting in a total estimated bill of $150,000.

Organization President, Paul Kowalick is reaching to Schuylkill County businesses to donate to their organization and could apply for the tax credit as a incentive for their donation.

Any businesses that would be interested in donating or has any questions can contact Paul Macknosky, Regional Director of PA Department of Community and Economic Development, by phone at 570-963-4122 or at his email

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