Saturday, December 4, 2021

Man Caught Stealing from Offering Plate and Donation Bottles from Church in Ashland

Ashland Police are notifying local churches about a man they caught stealing from a church in the borough on Saturday morning.

Michael Spindler, 66, of Millville was charged by Borough Police after he caught stealing cash from offering boxes and a donation bottle from the St. Charles Borromeo Church on Walnut Street.

Ashland Police Chief Ger Daley said they conducted an operation on Saturday morning as part of an ongoing investigation into reports of thefts at the church.

Officers placed photo copied cash in the offering boxes and donation bottles of the church, and while police watched through security cameras, Spindler entered the church and took the money from both locations on Saturday afternoon.

After being taken into custody, Spindler admitted to taking the money from the church in Ashland and also admitted that he was arrested for stealing from a church in Scranton.

Spindler will answer for these charges at a preliminary hearing at a later date.

Chief Daley is asking for any other churches or organizations to reach out to his department if you recognize Spindler or you've seen him before by calling (570) 875-2600.

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