Friday, January 21, 2022

Utility Pole Sheared in Crash Involving Tri-Axle near Gilberton

No injuries were reported in a 2 vehicle crash in Maizeville on Friday morning.

Around 11:00am, emergency personnel were called to Main Street for a two vehicle crash involving a tri-axle with wires down.

According to Frackville Police at the scene, the crash occurred when the driver of the Subaru was pulling out from a parking spot and got hung up in the snow.  The driver eventually got traction and pulled out in front of the tri-axle traveling west.

After the two vehicles made impact, the tri-axle veered to the left, taking out a utility pole.

The tri-axle came to a rest in a snow covered area of an old church.

Officer Anthony Kankowski said no injuries were reported.

Main Street was closed for about an hour and a half but has since reopened.


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