Wednesday, April 13, 2022

18-Year-Old Charged for Alleged Hazing/Sexual Assault at Tamaqua Area

News broke yesterday that an 18 year old has been charged in relation to the alleged hazing/sexual assault that involved the Tamaqua Area Football Team.

According to court documents, Zachary McGlinchey, 18, was charged on March 28th, 2022 with 2 counts of misdemeanor simple assault, and 3 counts of summary harassment for the incident that occurred on November 4th, 2021.

The court documents state that McGlinchey, along with several juvenile members of the football team assaulted two other football players in the school's "Football House".  During the assault McGlinchey punched one of the victims in the face and forcefully "pushed a banana against his clothed anus".

The announcement of the charges on Tuesday comes a day after the fathers of the two victims from the incident filed a federal lawsuit against the Tamaqua Area School District and School Board for their handling of the incident.

The lawsuit alleges multiple violations of the Title IX federal civil rights law that prohibits sex discrimination in schools.