Sunday, April 3, 2022

Schuylkill League to Face Colonial League in Inaugural All Star Football Game

In May, the Schuylkill League will face off against the Colonial League in the Inaugural "Famous Reading Outdoors Schuylkill/Colonial All Star Game".

For the past 2 seasons, both leagues have been playing cooperative schedules during the regular season mixing in new opponents.  Now, both leagues have assembled teams from across their school districts for one final game of the season.

39 Football players from the Schuylkill League and 35 from the Colonial League will put their uniforms back on for the new Spring tradition.

The game will take place at Schuylkill Haven Area's Rotary Field on Saturday, May 21st, 2022 with kickoff at 2:00pm.

Admission to the game is $5.00 for all ages.

The game is sponsored by Famous Reading Outdoors, Titan Threadz, the Funding Zone, Garland Communication Systems, Losch Services, and St. Lukes University Health Network.

Team Rosters are Below

Schuylkill League

  • Travis Benson (Jim Thorpe)
  • Derryl Fisher (Jim Thorpe)
  • Jonas McGrath (Tri-Valley)
  • Brennan Stanton (Pine Grove)
  • Jason Cullen (Minersville)
  • Carl Brown (North Schuylkill)
  • Kevin Fitzpatrick (Schuylkill Haven)
  • Cody Miller (Nativity)
  • Julius Walborn (Nativity)
  • Aaron Crumrine (Pine Grove)
  • Jazce Carabello-Snowell (Pottsville)
  • Joe Vevasis (Shenandoah Valley)
  • Matt Stauffer (Jim Thorpe)
  • Jack Miller (Nativity)
  • Amari Dunn (Pottsville)
  • Levi Murray (Tri-Valley)
  • Jared Graeff (Minersville)
  • Jason Fermaintt (Pottsville)
  • Travontai Davis (Pottsville)
  • Caron Tinajero (Jim Thorpe)
  • Gavin Guers (Blue Mountain)
  • Brendan Zimmerman (Lehighton)
  • Jacob Wasserleben (Tamaqua)
  • Cameron Carlin (Tri-Valley)
  • Josh Jenan (Schuylkill Haven)
  • Jake Bobbin (Blue Mountain)
  • David Wiley (Jim Thorpe)
  • Liam Reiley (Nativity)
  • Carey Wahalec (North Schuylkill)
  • Ross Bobbin (Blue Mountain)
  • Jackson Yoder (Williams Valley)
  • Gauge Hartney (Lehighton)
  • Hunter Guzick (Pottsville)
  • Adam Scott (North Schuylkill)
  • Raeff Dicello (Pottsville)
  • Max George (Pottsville)
  • Bryan Bowen (Jim Thorpe)
  • Schuylkill League Coaches
    • Mike Farr (Schuylkill Haven)
    • Tom Gallagher (Blue Mountain)
    • Frank Gaffney (Schuylkill Haven)
    • Tyler Dean (Schuylkill Haven)
    • Evan Fink (Schuylkill Haven)
    • John Carestia (Schuylkill Haven)
    • Mike Tracey (Schuylkill Haven)
    • Adam Jamison (Schuylkill Haven)
    • Andrew Fink (Schuylkill Haven)
    • Jake Stoudt (Schuylkill Haven)

Colonial League

  • Elijah Soler (Catasauqua)
  • Damian Simpson (Wilson)
  • Jake Schierer (Catasauqua)
  • Drew Sabo (Northwestern Lehigh)
  • Zach Ruddy (Pen Argyl)
  • James Denicola (Palmerton)
  • Ty Csencsits (Saucon Valley)
  • Dante Mahaffey (Saucon Valley)
  • Nick Petrillo (Palisades)
  • James Durham (Southern Lehigh)
  • Zakai Hendricks (Wilson)
  • Harrison Dailey (Palmerton)
  • Cole Dorshimer (Pen Argyl)
  • Taylor Wikert (Northwestern Lehigh)
  • Damian Garcia (Saucon Valley)
  • Kyle McGrath (Palisades)
  • Ethan O'Neill (Notre Dame Green Pond)
  • Lucas Heydt (Palmerton)
  • Blaze Curry (Southern Lehigh)
  • Nate Carr (Palisades)
  • Anthony Silfani (Notre Dame Green Pond)
  • Ben Dunstan (Northwestern Lehigh)
  • Ben Krauss (Salisbury)
  • Josh Hoffert (Notre Dame Green Pond)
  • Alex Schafer (Southern Lehigh)
  • Cody Swinney (Saucon Valley)
  • Liam Riexenger (Palisades)
  • Anthony Cardona (Wilson)
  • Gabe Toth (Catasauqua)
  • Ryan Gretz (Southern Lehigh)
  • Michael Cordes (Saucon Valley)
  • Nick Garrido (Notre Dame Green Pond)
  • Dominic Dengler (Palmerton)
  • Colonial League Coaches
    • Phil Sams (Southern Lehigh)
    • Josh Snyder
    • Brad Trembler (Saucon Valley)
    • Brady Mutton (Pen Argyl)
    • Travis Brett (Catasauqua)
    • Ed Chromczak (Saucon Valley)
    • Craig Sutyak (Southern Lehigh)