Saturday, April 2, 2022

Schuylkill Technology Center Student Gives Back

A Williams Valley student that attends Schuylkill Technology Center came up with a way to give back to his fellow students.

Gabe Heffelfinger, an 11th grade Williams Valley School District Student enrolled in the Masonry Program at the Schuylkill Technology Center (STC) North Campus devised a plan to help other students in need.

Gabe realized that some STC Students might not have access to personal care items and approached the School Nurse, Mrs. Wolff about putting together an area in her office for donated items that students in need to access.

After getting approval from building Administrator, Mr. Groody, Gabe set out to solicit donations from his family and friends. Some STC staff and students heard about the project and decided to contribute as well. 

Now students can got see the school nurse get anything from deodorant, soaps, combs and brushes, mouthwash, etc. with no questions asked.