Wednesday, August 9, 2023

UPDATE: Standoff Ends in Pottsville

Law enforcement cleared the scene of an apparent standoff, that began Tuesday, in the early morning hours of Wednesday.

Specifics regarding the incident remain few, with authorities refraining from disclosing significant details.

The situation began around 4:00 pm on Tuesday within a residence situated on West Norwegian Street, close to its junction with 19th Street. By 4:30 pm, the Pottsville Fire Department was called to block off the South 19th Street vicinity spanning from Market Street to Mahantango Street.

Throughout the course of the evening, law enforcement personnel from the City, State, and Federal levels steadily converged at the scene.  State Police SERT along with their heavy equipment arrived at the scene.

As the night progressed, the authorities could be heard using a loudspeaker, urging an individual within the residence to exit. Several distinct loud noises also resonated in the surroundings including loud bangs.

After 9:00 pm, sirens blared in the proximity of the residence, utilized as a method to capture the attention of the presumed occupant.

In the early hours of Wednesday, law enforcement began clearing the area. Sources tell Skook News, that the incident ended after authorities entered the home and the individual involved was not there.

Although various social media reports attempt to identify the individual in question, authorities have withheld the person's identity.

Skook News will continue to update as more information is available.

Photos by Todd Bernhard / Skook News