Thursday, September 14, 2023

Frackville Police Award Letters of Commendation for Involvement in Near-Drowning Incident

During a Frackville Borough Council meeting held on Wednesday evening, Police Chief Paul Olson took a moment to recognize and commend three individuals who displayed remarkable courage and swift action in helping save the life of a drowning child last month.

The recipients of the Letters of Commendation were Borough Employee Peyton Merena, Patrolman Joseph Murton, and Paramedic Taylor Galen.

The life-saving incident occurred on August 3rd, 2023, when Borough Employee Peyton Merena was working in the parking lot behind borough hall. Suddenly, he heard panicked cries for help coming from a yard located just behind the borough hall on Willow Street. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Merena wasted no time and immediately alerted the borough's Police Patrolman, Joseph Murton.

Murton sprang into action, rushing to the scene to find a distraught woman desperately seeking assistance. It was then that he learned that a two-year-old child had fallen into a pool and was discovered face down in the water. Upon Murton arriving, the child's grandmother had already pulled her from the pool and was administering CPR in an attempt revive her.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Murton swiftly contacted Schuylkill County communications for immediate help. Off-duty paramedic Taylor Galen was coincidentally nearby and rushed to provide medical aid to the child alongside the arriving EMS team.

With their combined efforts, the child received critical care. Thanks to the quick thinking and actions of Merena, Murton, and Galen, the child was promptly transported to the hospital, where she received further medical attention.

Remarkably, as of Wednesday, the child has shown no negative effects from the harrowing incident, indicating a successful rescue and a happy outcome.

The family, including the young girl, also attended the meeting and said "We just wanted to say how much we appreciate their support.  She was treated and released that day and I appreciate you all more than you know."

Police Chief Paul Olson expressed his deep appreciation for the heroic actions of these three individuals. He emphasized the significance of their quick response and their dedication to the welfare of the community.