Monday, September 11, 2023

Pottsville Police Respond to Domestic Disturbance, Arrest Made

A man was arrested over the weekend after a domestic disturbance in Pottsville.
According to Pottsville Police, on the evening of Saturday, September 9th, 2023, officers apprehended 42-year-old Jason Halupa. The arrest came after an incident at an apartment in the 2100 block of West Norwegian Street.

Around 8:26 PM Saturday, authorities were dispatched to the address after receiving a call from an individual reporting a domestic altercation. The caller alleged that Jason Halupa, her boyfriend, had not only refused to leave the premises but had also physically assaulted her by choking her.

Upon their arrival at 2100 W Norwegian St, law enforcement officers made contact with Halupa at the building's entrance. Halupa claimed that he had been punched by his girlfriend and exhibited swelling around his right eye.

Pottsville Police Corporal Jonathan Randolph, the investigating officer, approached the 43-year-old victim and noticed redness on her chest and neck, indicative of strangulation. The victim recounted the sequence of events, stating that Halupa, her boyfriend and intimate partner, arrived at the apartment inebriated. She asked him to leave, leading to a heated argument. The altercation escalated when she attempted to physically remove him, resulting in Halupa pushing her against a wall and issuing threats to her life. She further detailed how Halupa had tightly gripped her throat, demonstrating the chokehold.

When Halupa was questioned about the incident, he simply claimed that the victim had suddenly assaulted him without providing additional information.

Consequently, Halupa was taken into custody and was placed in handcuffs. Despite instructions to walk to a patrol vehicle, he adamantly refused, forcing officers to use force to move him to the vehicle. Subsequently, at the patrol vehicle, Halupa continued to resist and refused to sit in the back seat, prompting officers to employ substantial force to overcome his resistance.

Halupa now faces a series of charges, including Strangulation pursuant to Domestic Violence (F2), Terroristic Threats pursuant to Domestic Violence (M1), and Resisting Arrest or Other Law Enforcement (M2). He was arraigned before on call Magisterial District Judge Stephen Bayer, Tamaqua, and released on $10,000.00 unsecured bail.