Monday, June 10, 2024

'Picnic in the Park' Brings Frackville Residents and Police Together for a Day of Fun

On Sunday, the Frackville Police Department held a community event, "Picnic in the Park," at Memorial Park, attracting nearly 100 residents.
The event provided an opportunity for community members, including children, to interact with local police officers in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Attendees enjoyed a complimentary lunch featuring hot dogs and pierogies, while children played games and won prizes.

Live music was provided by Nick Chikotas.

Frackville Police Chief Paul Olson expressed his satisfaction with the turnout. "This is what community is all about—coming out, having a good time in a safe environment with your community. I was really happy to see everyone who joined us," he said.

Chief Olson credited his wife, Wendy Montgomery, and Mayor Kim Phillips for their assistance in organizing the event. He also expressed hope that "Picnic in the Park" will become an annual tradition, complementing the department's Thanksgiving event in the fall.