Friday, January 31, 2014

Schuylkill County High Schools Basketball Scores - 1/31/14

Schuylkill County High School Basketball Scores for 1/31/14

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast

By:  Monsoon Mike

Good evening! As I warned yesterday may happen, a very light round of snow may affect isolated areas overnight & early tomorrow morning. Otherwise, I expect a mainly cloudy but mainly uneventful weekend with the occasional shower. Temperatures will soar into the 40s both days of the weekend!

A weak southern event Sunday night into early Monday could push some light precipitation into the region but I am more concerned about a potential messy icy event mid next week and a potential snow event late next week.

Until then, enjoy the mild weekend but look out for a little light snow before we get to those warm temperatures tomorrow.

Man Injured in Hometown Crash

Posted from:

An unidentified man was injured after losing control and flipping his SUV (sport utility vehicle) along Hauto Highway (SR54) in Hometown. The crash occurred around 8:30 AM today (Friday, Jan. 31, 2014) about one half mile east of the entrance to Lake Hauto. The SUV, a black Dodge Durango, was positioned upright about 40 feet from the road. Tire tracks in the snow show that the driver was traveling east. The man was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital via ambulance for unknown injuries. Responding were Rush Township Police, Hometown Fire Company, Quakake Fire Company, Tamaqua Ambulance and Hometown Fire Police. Tamaqua Rescue was also called, but later canceled.

Police Raid Home in Tamaqua

Posted By:

East Elm Street, between Pine Street (SR309 north) and Rolling Mill Avenue in Tamaqua, was blocked off for a couple hours this morning (Friday, Jan. 31, 2014) while local and State Police raided the second floor of a two-unit home at 29 East Elm Street this morning. Neighbors said that they saw police carrying items outside in plastic bags, as well as placing numerous items on tarps. A nearby resident, who wished to remain anonymous, stated there were over dozen police cars on scene when the bust occurred. There is no official word regarding what the raid was for or if anything was found, although a sign on the front door reads: “Warning: A clandestine laboratory for the manufacture of illegal drugs and/or hazardous chemicals was seized at this location on 01/31/14 by the Pennsylvania State Police. Known hazardous chemicals have been disposed of pursuant the law. However, there still may be hazardous substances or waste products on this property either in buildings or in the ground itself. Please exercise caution while on these premises. Apt #2.” Officials cleared the scene around 11 AM.

Update:  According to the Pottsville Republican, this was a suspected Meth Lab.  Six people were taken into custody.

Schuylkill County Morning Weather Update

By:  Monsoon Mike

Good Friday morning! What a novel concept! Temperatures starting in the 20s instead of the single digits! In fact, we make it into the 30s today. Perhaps even the 40s or dare I say 50s if you're well south tomorrow and Sunday! Minor round of light snow possible tonight during the transition mainly north of I-78. Then we turn our attention to a minor southern event possible Sunday night into Monday morning, a more major ice to rain event mid next week, and a bigger storm beyond that. Active times, my friends! Have a good Friday!

Schuylkill County High School Basketball Scores - 1/30/14

Schuylkill County High School Basketball Scores for 1/30/14

Police Looking For Help In Finding Abandoned Dog's Owner

Last evening, WNEP reported a story about an abandoned dog in McAdoo that was tied to a pole and abandoned for at least 2 hours.

The dog was found emaciated and injured.  Part of the dog was actually frozen to the sidewalk.

A state dog warden took the dog to the Hillside SPCA to get warmth, food, and care.

McAdoo Police ask that anyone with information about the dog's owner to call (570) 929-2590.

Smoke Causes Nursing Home To Evacuate For Second Time Within A Week

Overnight last night, smoke within the Broad Mountain Nursing Home caused the facility to evacuate for the second time within a week.

The nursing home was also evacuated on January 28th.

Both last night's evacuation and January 28th's incident were reported to be caused by a heating unit.

UPDATED: Cop Assaulted, Shoots Man Assaulting Him in Girardville

Updated:  12:30pm

Overnight, Girardville Borough Police were called to the 100 block of Line St. in the borough around 2am, after a woman showed up at the Girardville Police Station complaining of domestic violence and worrying about her kids.

When an Officer Mel Tomeo arrived at the address, Carmen Amonti began assaulting the officer in the street.

During the assault, Officer Tomeo attempted to use his stun gun on Amonti but it had little effect. Tomeo  managed to discharge his weapon and fire three shots hitting Amonti.

Tomeo was taken to a Pottsville Hospital with a mild concussion he suffered during the assault and Amonti shot was taken to Geisinger.  His condition was not given at this time.

Both State Police and the Schuylkill County District Attorney's Office are investigating.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast

By:  Monsoon Mike

Milder but also very active weather in the next seven to ten days! Please relax, though, folks. I am getting tired of hearing everyone heralding the storm of storms next weekend. Yes, something big is on the models. But something big is on the models 70% of the time that we wind up with nothing. That being said, indications are for a very active first couple of weeks of February, so buckle your belt. 

Things to watch out for in the next 7 to 10 days: 

1) A potential round of very light but potentially nuisance-travel causing snow late Friday night into very early Saturday morning as a weak system passes to the north; 

2) A showery but innocuous weekend; 

3) A potential storm mid next week (which could be an ice maker ... concerning); 

4) And that potential bigger storm after that. 

5) Also, a little storm that could skim southern regions of the Monsoon Mike coverage area late this coming Sunday into Monday ... one of those "surprise" little storms, but I think "most" of the "surprise" will be well south of Skook. 

So there you have it folks. The first week or two of February will be slightly milder. But NOT calmer. 

Schuylkill County Morning Weather Update

Good morning! The relief from the extreme cold begins today with temperatures into the 20s and the weekend into the 40s in many areas. Precipitation will be with us over the weekend, as well, but at this point, it looks like and fairly innocuous, and may actually lean on the liquid rather than frozen side. Don't get used to the quieter weather, however. A storm looms mid next week and a few days after that.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Schuylkill Twp. Crash Sends 2 Adults, 2 Children to the Hospital

Emergency personnel were called around 3 PM today (Wed., Jan. 29, 2014) to the intersection of US209 and Catawissa Street in Schuylkill Township for a two-vehicle collision involving a student transport service van and a sedan. Two children and two adults in the van were taken via four ambulances to nearby hospitals for unknown injuries. The male teenage driver of the other vehicle, a green Dodge Neon, was not injured. Officials on scene said the two adults and two kids were taken to the hospital only as a precaution. Responding were Tuscarora Fire Company, Penn Mahoning Ambulance, Lehighton Ambulance, two Ryan Township Ambulance crews, area fire police and State Police.

Car Hits Utility Pole Near Delano

Posted from:

Two women escaped injury after crashing their car into a utility pole along Trenton Road in Delano. The incident occurred around 3:45 PM today (Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014). Responding were Ryan Township Rescue Squad, Delano Fire Company, State Police and fire police.

Schuylkill County Little League and Softball Signups

2014 Little League/Softball Signups

Ashland Little League Boys and Softball Girls Signups

Ashland Area Girls Softball/Tee Ball & Boys Little League Signups will be this Saturday and Sunday (2/1 & 2/2) from 2pm to 4pm and Mondays (2/3 & 2/10) from 6pm to 8pm at the Ashland Elks.

Mahanoy City Girls Softball

Ages 6-16
Feb 1 from 12-3pm middle school lobby
Feb 12 from 5-8pm middle school lobby

Feb 15 and 22 are try outs and sign ups from 9am- 12pm

9am instructional try-outs
10am minor league try-outs
11am major league try-outs

** If your league is interested in posting your signups, please contact us through our Facebook page or email us at  Thank you

Schuylkill County High School Basketball Scores - 1/29/14

Schuylkill County High School Basketball Scores for 1/29/14

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast

By:  Monsoon Mike

Today was the last REALLY brutal cold day for now and a noticeable improvement happens tomorrow as temperatures get back into the 20s. 

I think Friday through the weekend turn out more cloudy than sunny with rounds of light precipitation, some of which could be frozen, but some of which could actually be some plain liquid as temperatures may even visit the 40s. Boy will that feel balmy. Either way, not a whole lot of juice with this system. 

The big story next week will be slowly falling temperatures again (although not polar, just seasonally chilly) and the chance for a storm mid next week which my crystal ball tells us could be our next big storm, at least for the northern regions of my coverage area. Much to be worked out between now and then.

Have a good evening! 

Schuylkill County High School Basketball Scores - 1/28/14

Schuylkill County High School Basketball Scores for 1/28/14

Klingerstown Fire Damages Post Office and Apartment

Photos from Schuylkill County Firewire

Around 2pm Tuesday, crews were called to Main Street in Klingerstown for a structure fire.  When crews arrived they found heavy flames and smoke coming from the roof.

The building was the location of the Klingerstown Post Office and also housed apartments upstairs.

One person is reported to have lived upstairs but made it out.

A home next to the fire is said to also been damaged.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast

By:  Monsoon Mike

If you hate snow, you got awful lucky with what's happening tonight. If you love snow, you got awful unlucky. Why all the luck and unluck? A major storm is skimming us just to the south. As nearby as Philadelphia, an inch or two may fall. As nearby as Cape May, NJ, 4 to 6 inches may fall. But Skook? Maybe a flurry or a few snow showers at most.

Then, just another very cold day tomorrow but moderation in temperatures happens this weekend. In fact, such moderation that any precipitation that falls this weekend may be in the form of rain or mixed precipitation showers. Also, not looking like much precipitation with that event, so all the Farmer's Almanac hype of a Super Bowl storm looks to be just that ... hype. 

But things begin to turn downward (or upward if you like winter storms), however, NEXT week. In fact, mid next week or a few days thereafter, the odds favor our next somewhat moderate winter storm. The winter of '13 - '14 presses on, folks!

Schuylkill County Morning Weather Forecast

By:  Monsoon Mike's Weather Headquarters

Today is one of those days where it may be cold here up in the north, but living down southeastern US won’t be a walk in the park. Old man winter is making a visit there…with a vengeance! However, that will have little bearing on our weather for the next few days. It will be cold today…most likely with a mix of clouds and sun because of the aforementioned system.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Schuylkill County Basketball Scores

Schuylkill County High School Basketball Scores for 1/27/14


North Schuylkill - 81
Jim Thorpe - 33

Minersville - 48
Lourdes Regional - 27

Weatherly - 52
Panther Valley - 38

Tamaqua - 71
Pine Grove - 31

Marian Catholic -  57
Shenandoah Valley - 44

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast

By:  Monsoon Mike

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record but what else can I say? Two brutally cold days coming up on Tuesday and Wednesday. A coastal storm will skim well to our south on Wednesday and may drop some flurries or light snow very far south of Skook like in South Jersey but that is as close as it will get.

Schuylkill County School Delays/Closings for 1/28/14

Schuylkill County School Closings for 1/28/14

Assumption BVM - 2 Hour Delay
Blue Mountain - 2 Hour Delay
Child Development - CLOSED, Daycare Open
Gillingham Charter - 2 Hour Delay
Mahanoy Area - 2 Hour Delay
Minersville - 2 Hour Delay
Nativity BVM - 2 Hour Delay
North Schuylkill - 2 Hour Delay
Pine Grove - 2 Hour Delay
Pottsville - 2 Hour Delay
Saint Clair - 2 Hour Delay
Schuylkill Haven - 2 Hour Delay
Schuylkill Maple Ave - 2 Hour Delay
Schuylkill Special Ed. Center - 2 Hour Delay
Schuylkill Tech North & South - 2 Hour Delay
Shenandoah Valley - 2 Hour Delay
St. Ambrose - 2 Hour Delay
St. Jerome/Tamaqua - 2 Hour Delay
St. Nicholas/Minersville - 2 Hour Delay
Tamaqua - 2 Hour Delay
Tri-Valley - 2 Hour Delay
Trinity Academy - 2 Hour Delay
Williams Valley - 2 Hour Delay

Names of Victims from Friday's Morea Road Crash

Officials released the name of the other victim from Friday's motor vehicle accident on the Morea Road.

Daniel Jackson, 51, of Mahanoy City was pronounced at the scene of the crash.  The passenger in the car, Robin Capone, 52, also of Mahanoy City, was taken to the hospital but later died from her injuries.

Police are still investigating the crash.

Wind Chill Advisory Issued For Schuylkill County


BEST OF SKOOK: The Winner of "The Best Bar in Schuylkill County is . . . ."

We polled our followers on Facebook and Twitter and asked them "What's the Best Bar in Schuylkill County?"

And the winner of "Best Bar in Schuylkill County is . . ."

Minersville Native Needs Skook Votes to Get Ad on During Super Bowl

Tommy Shaeffer, 40, a native of Minersville, is 1 of 5 finalist's in a Dorito's Commercial Contest to have his commercial played during the Super Bowl.

Shaeffer, who now lives in Phoenix, Arizona, made his "Time Machine" commercial with his friends for the Crash the Super Bowl Contest.

The online votes are not disclosed but the video is in second place based on the Youtube votes.

The winner will be announced during the Super Bowl.

You can watch the video at the link below and vote

Car Crashes into Car Lot Along Route 309 Monday Morning

Posted by:

No one was injured today (Monday, January 27, 2014) after a female driver lost control and crashed her car into a parked Jeep Wrangler on the ’309 Auto Sales’ lot along North Railroad Street (SR309) in Tamaqua. The incident occurred just before 6:30 AM. Responding in addition to Tamaqua Police, were East End Fire Company and American Hose Company. Tamaqua Fire Police also responded. Hope’s Towing removed the vehicle

Crash Closes Southbound Route 61 Between Frackville and St. Clair

UPDATE:  As of 10:00am the road is now open

A multi-vehicle crash has closed Route 61 Southbound between Frackville and St. Clair around 8am Monday morning.  The call for the accident stated it was in the area of Dead Man's Curve.

The State Police have shut down the highway until further notice.

No injuries have been reported.

Stay tuned for more details.

Early Morning Englewood Fire

Posted from Firewire Schuylkill County
Around 3am Monday morning, crews were called to 717 West John Street, Butler Twp on a working structure fire.

When crews arrived they found flames showing from the right side of the double block home.

Within the hour firefighters had the fire under control.

The fire is still being investigated.

No injuries were reported.

We'll have more on this as we get more information.

One Man Dies in West Penn Township Crash

Posted from:

A man was killed early today (Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014) after his pickup truck crashed and hit a utility pole along Andreas Road in Andreas (West Penn Township). Emergency personnel were called to the area of 25 Andreas Road around 2:45 AM for a report of a pickup truck, a black Nissan Titan, on its side with entrapment.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast

By:  Monsoon Mike

Skook dodged yet another storm today with areas just east of us getting 2 to even 3 or 4 inches. Yet again, an atmospheric block set up just outside of Schuylkill, giving us just a slight dusting in some areas, nothing in others except flurries. Sorry I busted that forecast! Can't be perfect. These things are so difficult to predict where the shield of precipitation will stop advancing. The snow haters of Skook must be doing some good anti-snow dances because we just keep missing the bigger problems. (Which should scare us because one of these days ... one of these days, it's gonna get us good! ;-) For tonight, we may not have dodged everything completely as an arctic front is moving through and some heavier squalls could move through anytime overnight, so keep that in the back of your mind if you're out and about late tonight.

One thing we can't escape, however, is the brutal cold and what's coming by Tuesday and Wednesday may make that last polar plunge feel warm compared to this. I'm talking highs maybe no better than around 7 Tuesday. 12 Wednesday. Yes, 7 and 12! 

Milder air moves in later in the week, but absent are any bigger storms, but always the ever-present chance of these smaller storms, any of which could surprise us with more, like last week's gig. You just gotta keep posted to my updates.

Oh, and tomorrow (Sunday's) snow showers in the afternoon, yeah, those could dust up the ground a bit in some areas, so keep an eye out for that. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Two Killed in Morea Road Crash

Just before 4pm, Friday afternoon, crews were called to 301 Morea Road for a motor vehicle accident.   This address is the entrance to SCI-Mahanoy.

The driver of one of the vehicles, a 51 year old from Mahanoy City, died at the scene.  Robin Capone, 52, of Mahanoy City, was the passenger in the vehicle and died at the hospital.

Morea Road was closed for a few hours while the State Police and Coroner's office investigated the crash.

Two other people were also hurt in the crash but the extent of their injuries has not be released.

Schuylkill County High School Basketball Scores

High School Basketball Scores for 1/24/14

Updated: 9:40pm


Blue Mountain - 63
Panther Valley - 26

Minersville - 64
Williams Valley - 31

Marian Catholic - 36
Nativity BVM - 34

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast

By:  Monsoon Mike

Yet another snow maker is on the way for Saturday, folks, and while I'd ordinarily be happy to draw one of my nice little maps showing what part of Skook will get what accumulation, there's really no need to given this storm will put down a general swath of 1 to 3 inches of snow, perhaps 4 if the storm outperforms itself. Things get going mid morning and could snow in earnest for awhile until mid afternoon some time, and then continue into the evening in the form of lighter snow showers. It'll be breezy, at times at well, so any snow that falls will blow around.

Sunday things calm down but some afternoon snow showers could dust up the road once again. Early week storm potential seems to have quelled a bit but we know how well (or not so well) the models did with the storm earlier this week, so with plenty of cold air locked in for the next at least 7 days, I'd be on watch. 

Winter Weather Advisory Issued For Schuylkill County












Televisions Stolen from Hometown Wal-Mart

Last evening, around 9:30pm,  two 60" televisions were reportedly stolen from the Hometown Wal-Mart.

It was reported that the thief or thieves left in a dark sports car.


Thirty One Bingo - Girl Scouts/Sacramento Fire Company

The parents of Girl Scout Troop 31166 in Hegins/Valley View will be hosting a Thirty One Bingo on February 23 at Sacramento Fire Co..advanced tickets are available for $20 by contacting Christine Lettich @ or 570-449-7149

Pottsville Native Appointed to the Diocese of Harrisburg

WNEP reported this morning that Reverend Ronald Gainer, 66, who has been appointed as the Bishop of the Diocese of Harrisburg, is a Pottsville native.

He has been serving as a bishop in Kentucky since 2003.

Link to story:

Schuylkill County High School Basketball Scores - 1/23/14

Schuylkill County High School Basketball Scores for 1/23/14

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Schuylkill County School Delays - 1/24/14

Schuylkill County School Closings for 1/24/14

Mahanoy Area - 2 Hour Delay
St. Jerome/Tamaqua - 2 Hour Delay
Tamaqua - 2 Hour Delay

Schuylkill County Deputy Sheriff Resigns, Under Investigation

The Schuylkill County Deputy Sheriff, Dennis Kane, resigned from his job today while an investigation is underway by the State Police.

The investigation is from an alleged conversation between Kane and 16 year old boy on Facebook.

Kane told WNEP that he denies doing anything wrong.

Kane, also the mayor of Ashland, says that his retirement as Deputy Sheriff is not related to the investigation and will not be resigning as mayor.

We'll have more on this as information becomes available.

Link to WNEP's article.

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast

By:  Monsoon Mike

Widely scattered snow showers affected the area today on cue. After another brutally cold day on Friday, a tad warmer on Saturday but also another chance for a round of snow. At this early vantage point, it looks like a general 1 to 3 inch sort of storm.

Our next chance of snow after that comes on Monday but that feature looks a little less impressive than it did yesterday. Beyond that, more chances for snow as the week progresses. No end in view, folks! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Schuylkill County High School Basketball Scores - 1/22/14

High School Basketball Scores from 1/22/14

Williams Valley - 62
Marian Catholic - 46

Schuylkill County School Delays - 1/23/14

Schuylkill County School Delays - 1/23/14

Schuylkill Weather Forecast

I know some people are really going to hate me for saying this, but don't attack the messenger. We have FOUR chances for snow again in the coming 7 to 10 days.

The first will come in the form of some snow showers or flurries tomorrow. Not expecting it to be much but it could dust up the ground in some areas.

The second comes on Saturday and that one might actually put down an inch or two. We will have to monitor that one as it could be one of those clipper situations that picks up a little bit of juice.

The third chance comes somewhere around Monday and that storm, depending on what the first two do, could set up in the atmosphere to give us a fairly decent round of snow on Monday, but that's still way too off to worry about and lots to be worked out. Could very well be a miss as well.

And the fourth chance comes at the end of next week and that one also could be significant but again, this far out it's just something to look at and nothing more at this point.

Either way, the cold air stays and plenty of active weather!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Schuylkill County Delays and Closings - 1/22/14

Schuylkill County Delays and Closings for  1/22/14

Assumption BVM - 2 Hour Delay
Blue Mountain - 2 Hour Delay
Gillingham Charter - 2 Hour Delay
Mahanoy Area - 2 Hour Delay
Minersville - 2 Hour Delay 
Nativity BVM - 2 hour delay
North Schuylkill - 2 Hour Delay
Pine Grove - 2 Hour Delay
Pottsville - 2 Hour Delay
Schuylkill Headstart/Child Development - Pre-K Closed, Daycare opens at 8
Schuylkill Haven - 2 hour delay
Schuylkill Maple Ave.  - 2 Hour Delay
Schuylkill Special Ed. Center - 2 Hour Delay
Schuylkill Tech North and South - 2 Hour Delay
Shenandoah Valley - 2 Hour Delay
St. Ambrose/Schuylkill Haven - 2 Hour Delay
St. Clair - 2 Hour Delay
St. Jerome/Tamaqua - 2 Hour Delay
St. Nicholas/Minersville - 2 Hour Delay
Tamaqua - 2 Hour Delay
Tri-Valley - 2 Hour Delay
Trinity Academy - 2 Hour Delay
Williams Valley - 2 Hour Delay

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast

By:  Monsoon Mike

What a wacky storm this was to track and in the end, I probably should have stuck with my first call, but when things got going much earlier than expected, upping my totals was the prudent thing to do. But the sharp gradient that I warned of yesterday is what prevailed putting Skook right on the border of very heavy snow near Philly (near a foot) to practically nothing near Wilkes-Barre. In between was Skook and we will end our storm with about 4 or so inches in southern Skook. About an inch or two northern Skook. Not too far off from my prediction but if you hate snow, you are oh so lucky because only 50 miles south, they are buried. That coulda been us! 

Now get ready for some BRUTAL cold which I think actually may feel worse than the last polar snap because now we have some snow on the ground (the last polar snap, the ground was mainly green). The wind blowing over that snowfall will make tonight and tomorrow feel downright Siberia-like. The warmest day of the next seven will be Saturday when temperatures may actually get out of the 20s. LOL

Then it's back to the teens again for next week. No major storms on the horizon although snow showers are possible Thursday and Saturday.

Snow Covered Roads Made Travel Difficult Tuesday

The snow began falling around 8am Tuesday morning and by lunch time was the cause of many headaches across the county.

The snow layered with a this sheet of ice made back roads and any other untreated roads made travel very difficult.

The Vulcan Hill, Hometown-side, Mahanoy Township was closed for a few hours while the roads were treated and cleaned up after numerous cars and tractor trailers got hung up trying to make their way up the hill.  The road was open again by 2:30pm.

Vulcan Hill

Carbon Monoxide Investigation Monday Evening in Tamaqua


Tamaqua firefighters and EMS were dispatched to 327 Washington Street just before 8:45 PM tonight (Jan. 20, 2014) after family members called 911 to report a possible CO (carbon monoxide; a colorless, odorless gas) issue in the two-part home. Firefighters arrived and evacuated the home, as well as placed exhaust fans to expel the dangerous gas. During the response, some of the firefighters were covered with black smoke, as someone was working on the furnace when they arrived.

Tamaqua Fire Chief Tom Hartz said that the incident was related to the furnace. Two families were temporarily displaced while plumbers responded and did repairs. Prior to calling 911, a neighbor brought over a carbon monoxide detector to the home. The levels it showed were 250 ppm (parts per million).

One resident, a woman, was cared for by Tamaqua Ambulance while on scene. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention website states that any levels of CO at 1,200 ppm or higher are considered an immediate danger to life. It adds that a 60-minute EEGL (Emergency Exposure Guidance Level) to a CO level of 400 ppm or more can cause severe or permanent injuries; even death.

Hartz stressed that all homes should install a CO detector.

CO detectors are more affordable now than ten years ago. You can purchase a quality CO detector (with readout) for as low as $25 at Tamaqua area stores.

Weather Related Announcements

Schuylkill County Weather Related Announcements for 1/21/14


Panther Valley Girls Basketball game is postponed until tomorrow night

Mahanoy Area vs. North Schuylkill Boys Basketball is postponed until January 31st. 

Nativity BVM girls basketball postponed until tomorrow

Tuesday Morning Kitchen Fire in Ashland

Tuesday Morning around 10am, crews were called to 11 North 11th Street, Ashland, for a kitchen fire.