Sunday, August 22, 2021

Heritage, Ethnicity, and Kielbasi Celebrated in Shenandoah

After taking the year off in 2020, due to COVID, Shenandoah's Heritage Day and Kielbasi Fest were combine into a one day event that drew a crowd to the borough.

Shenandoah, like many of the other small towns around the coal region, are rich with heritage with roots that go back to our family's ancestors who came to the United States looking to start a new life.

Saturday's festivities began with the Parade of Nations that began at 10:00am.  The parade, which is just like a homecoming for many, celebrates the different cultures and ethnicities of the citizens of the borough.

Main Street from Centre to Washington was closed off to allow vendors to setup.  This was the first year that three blocks were used for the event.

Also celebrated during this year's event was the ever popular Kielbasi Fest. The three kings of Kielbasi in Shenandoah, Mark Kowalonek of Kowalonek’s Kielbasy Shop, David Lukashunas of Lucky’s Corner Deli & Kielbasi Shop, and Mike Stanakis of Capitol Food Market were on hand with their favorite kielbasi creations.  

Abrashinsky's Hardware, Shenandoah's oldest business, which opened in 1900, was this year's Grand Marshal. State Officials, Senator David Argall and Representative Tim Twardzik were on hand to provide proclamations in their honor.

In honor of the store's 121 year commitment to the borough, Shenandoah Mayor Andrew Szczyglak also made a special proclamation on behalf of himself and borough council, designating August 21st, 2021 as Abrachinsky Family Day in the borough.

Entertainment throughout the day was provided by the Shenandoah All Star Polka Band, M&J Band, JT Thomas, and Lester Hirsch and Kathleen Radspinner.

The day was an overall success with many vendors staying past the 5 o' clock end time.

The event was organized by the Downtown Shenandoah Inc.