Thursday, August 11, 2022

Schuylkill Football Teams and Press Meet for Annual Media Day at Muhammad Ali Training Camp

On Wednesday, Schuylkill County high school sports and press came together to kick off the 2022 football season.

Each year, the Schuylkill County Football Coaches Association holds their annual media day which allows the press to meet with each of the teams and coaches before the grind of the upcoming season.

This year's event, held at Fighter's Heaven, Muhammad Ali's training camp, in Deer Lake, brought together 16 teams that are members of the Schuylkill League.  The coach from each team brought 4 to 5 of their players that they felt best represented their program.

SCFCA President, and head coach of Schuylkill Haven, Mike Farr climbed into the ring, and welcomed all the teams and press to the event.

Farr spoke on the Schuylkill League teams making their name for themselves.

"I think for a couple years, we struggled.  We didn't get a lot of the respect we deserved, but I can guarantee today, that people at the State level are talking about Schuylkill County Football.  All the players, and all the coaches, you carry a tradition for our brand of tough football players.  There isn't a better venue than Fighter's Heaven to have all you guys at." Farr said.

Press at the event included Skook News, the Republican Herald, T102, WPPA, Morning Call, PA Football News, D11 Sports, EasternPAFootball, the Times News, SSPTV, WNEP, WBRE, and Fox56.

Each member of the press used the opportunity to create content which included photos, videos, and interviews for the upcoming season.