Wednesday, October 19, 2022

UPDATE: Schools Lockdowns Lifted After Schuylkill County 911 Communications Receives Threat

Schools are being notified and returning to normal after a threat was received by Schuylkill County Communications on Wednesday morning.
According to John Matz, Coordinator for Schuylkill Emergency Management, on Wednesday morning, a non-specific threat was received at the Schuylkill County 911 Communications Center that may have indicated that Tamaqua was the intended location. 

Matz said information was immediately relayed to the Tamaqua Police, Tamaqua School District, LCCC – Tamaqua Campus, Marian High School and Saint Jerome’s Regional School and all went into a precautionary condition while police investigated. 

Matz also said "Unfortunately, an alert message sent by a post-secondary school may have given the impression that a more serious incident was taking place. This incorrect information quickly spread across the area and caused understandable concern by parents and family members. "

An update was provided at 1:24pm by Schuylkill County Emergency Management that stated Officer Harig of Tamaqua Police has completed the investigation and found no credible threat. All schools in the area are being notified that they may resume normal routine.