Monday, November 28, 2022

Fire Destroys Several Shenandoah Row Homes

 A fire early Monday morning tore through several row homes in Shenandoah.

Just before midnight, emergency personnel were called to 213 East Coal Street in Shenandoah for a house fire.

While responding, the first chief reported seeing smoke from two blocks away and called in a working fire.  The chief also reported in that the fire was in the center of a block.

When all first due units were on the road, a 2nd alarm was issued calling in additional manpower.

The fire was brought under control within an hour and a half with some units being released around 2:00am.

The fire severely damaged the homes on at the addresses of 213, 211, 215, and 217, but also caused damage to 209, 219, and 221.

As of this posting, there was no information on a cause or how many people were displaced. Early reports were that the home where the fire started, 213 East Coal, was abandoned, but that hasn't been confirmed.

No injuries were reported.