Monday, May 29, 2023

Firefighters Respond to Early Morning Fire Outside the Shenandoah Historical Society

Firefighters responded to a fire outside the Shenandoah Historical Society early Monday morning.

The call came in just before 4:00am when firefighters were called for a report of a visible fire at the address to the society.

As the Shenandoah Fire Chiefs arrived on scene, they found an old wooden beam on fire in the rear of the structure in a dilapidated garage area just off of East Cherry Street.

Firefighters pulled one line to extinguish the fire within minutes of the call.  There was no damage to the building.

By 4:30am, all units were cleared from the scene.

Shenandoah Fire Chief Rick Examitas said the cause of the fire is under investigation.

The Rescue Hook and Ladder, Columbia Hose, and Shenandoah Ambulance responded to the scene.  Units from Mahanoy City and Frackville were called initially but were cancelled while they were on their way to the scene.