Monday, September 25, 2023

BOLO: Police Investigate Theft of $10,000 Worth of Hefty Contractor Bags in Humboldt Industrial Park

East Union Township Police are currently investigating an incident that occurred late Sunday around 9:45pm at 63 Green Mountain Road in the Humboldt Industrial Park. 

Police say a Kalmar Ottawa Truck Tractor and 53 Ft truck trailer were stolen from the property containing Hefty 42-gallon contractor bags. 

The truck and trailer have been since recovered by police at another location. 

The suspects removed approx. 8 pallets worth of product valued near $10,000 and loaded it into a white box truck. 

The investigation determined the suspects fled in said box truck north on 924 towards Hazleton around 9:45pm last evening. 

Anyone with any information is asked to call police at (570) 384-5829. 

Actual photos and video of truck and product pictured below. Suspects were also at the location between 3-4pm yesterday before returning later in the evening.